Saturday, January 03, 2009

Spin from Kal, spin from Nouri

A question first thing in the morning, who removed the "Kick Me!" sign from Kal Raustiala's back? We're all going to close our eyes for two minutes and when we open them, we expect to see the sign on Kal's back. He's always earned it. There's not a bigger fool in academica on the West Coast than Kal. He shows up today with a column for the Los Angeles Times entitled "Iraq withdrawal -- not so fast" and it might mean something if Kal bothered to grasp facts or the reporting others already did (AP owns the story on how mercenaries have wiggle room in the treaty masquerading as the Status Of Forces Agreement). Kal's not interested in facts, he's interested in whoring himself out for Barack -- something that should have concerned UCLA as far back as October 2007 but maybe when donations start getting withheld UCLA will finally address the issue?

Kal's not even aware (or chooses to ignore) of the most recent Congressional hearing on the treaty. Either he's a moron who just can't help it or he's one of the most disgusting liars in the world.

If it's the latter, the column's a piece of propaganda intended to get the ball rolling on why it's not Barack's fault that he never withdrew US forces from Iraq. 2012 may seem far away to some but never forget the beggars of Panhandle Media started the march for Barack before the 2006 mid-term elections (first out of the gate was John Nichols). They began making the 2008 elections the story before the 2006 mid-term elections. They have no shame or remorse over the non-stop lying and the lack of ethical standards. So get ready because Kal's main outlet is Panhandle Media. So if his piece propangada (and it reads like it -- not a single fact unearthed by Kal), get ready because the next four years are going to be all about how poor Barack wasn't able to withdraw US forces from Iraq.

Related, Wally and Cedric are working on their joint-post as I type this. You really need to read it. They're going after a related topic. And for here, I'll just note that when Barack is critized for his inaction or caving (since the election), his Cult screams, "You can't criticize him! He's not in office yet!" But they never object to excuses or praise being offered for him, now do they?

Meanwhile, check this out: "Today Iraqis have brought into force the provisions of the withdrawal agreement and complete sovereignty will thus be restored to the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government and the armed forces." That's the laughable Nouri al-Maliki, puppet of the occupation. Bully Boy's not by his side and Nouri was speaking to Iran's Press TV before his visit to the country (he's there now) and suddenly it's a "withdrawal agreement" again. That's so cute. Does he think the Iranians are idiots? Does he think they're unaware that from November 26th until he gave that interview he had stopped calling it that?

The interview is hilarious as Nouri talks out of his ass over and over, "Our constitution has determined that after today Iraq will no longer be the scene of wars and conflict and a source of regional instability and a place where foreign powers hold power and influence." So was Nouri ignoring the targeting of Iraqi Christians or did he grasp that his intended audience (Iran) didn't give a damn about the fate of Iraqi Christians either? And what this, "Our constitution has determined . . ." What a liar.

Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) is mentioned in the article and for those who have e-mailed asking why we don't cover that topic, (a) it is a highly charged issue, (b) the current State Dept appointees are trying to stay out of it due to its charged nature and the fact that they are only in their jobs for a few more weeks and (c) friends working on Barack's transition team state that issue will be addressed early on. It needs to be addressed. But with an outgoing administration and an incoming one, this is the sort of situation that requires some care. As a result, we're not covering that topic until after Barack's sworn in and I believe (I'll have to check my day planner) I agreed (with friends on the transition team) not to cover it until February 1st barring an attack on those refugees (MKO translates to Iranian refugees, Iran sees them as terrorists). I was asked -- when Aging Socialite's Cat Litter Box suddenly stumbled on the issue recently -- if I was I was sticking to my word? Of course. Besides (a) we don't follow Aging Socialite's Cat Littler Box (is it cruel to note that every day -- Monday through Friday -- they beg for links and don't get them? They did before they savaged Hillary and Bill with lies, no more) and (b) reading their yellow journalism coverage only underscores how delicate a situation it is. (And, no I don't feel bad for noting their non-stop requests. They were told months ago they weren't getting anything so stop asking. Also I know the Aging Socialite. No, I don't feel bad at all.)

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