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Barry O's big speech

Barry O did another speech where he drew lines between the US and Muslims (after one nod at the opening, he appears to have forgotten that many Muslims are American citiznes) while supposedly attempting to 'bring together' 'opposing' sides. But by drawing the lines he did, he reinforced any mistaken belief that the Muslim faith and the US are on opposing ends.

It wouldn't be a Barry O speech if he didn't babble on about himself. Is the world tired yet of the constant retelling of The Miracle Birth of the Christ Child?

On Iraq, he was brief and full of the lies he tried to pull on Elaine and I while begging for money for his Senate run. Sadly, no one was present to pin the liar down on what he meant and his pretty words just flew right overhead:

Let me also address the issue of Iraq. Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq was a war of choice that provoked strong differences in my country and around the world. Although I believe that the Iraqi people are ultimately better off without the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, I also believe that events in Iraq have reminded America of the need to use diplomacy and build international consensus to resolve our problems whenever possible.

For someone allegedly interested in allowing Iraqis the right to self-determination, Barry O should grasp what he believes ("I also believe") really doesn't mean a damn thing to Iraqis. A significant number of Iraqis are very vocal that they believe that, compared to today, they were better off under Hussein. (Under Saddamn Hussein. Sorry. Currently they are under Barack Hussein Obama because they are a client state.)

Indeed, we can recall the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said: "I hope that our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be."

Wisdom would include modesty and Barry O's never shown a tendency towards that. Wisdom would include that you, an outsider, cannot evaluate Iraq pre-invasion and post-invasion. Wisdom would be grasping that only Iraqis can do that. Wisdom would be the knowledge that sometimes you fall silent so that Iraqis can speak for themselves.

Today, America has a dual responsibility: to help Iraq forge a better future – and to leave Iraq to Iraqis.

No. Those two goals are in opposition. The US puppet Nouri al-Maliki was put into power by the US and he sits on billions as he prepares for the US withdrawal (not coming anytime soon). In the meantime, he invents bizarre conspiracy theories to justify his attacks on various segments of the Iraqi populace. Nouri is not Iraq but the US government has made him that, has handed him that power. A future for the country cannot be forged while the chicken s**t exile the US installed rules over Iraq and attempts to turn himself into the next Saddam. What? Were you foolish enough to believe the US would ever leave before installing and ensuring another despot? That's not how the US government builds their client states.

I have made it clear to the Iraqi people that we pursue no bases, and no claim on their territory or resources.

So the US will be departing the acres and acres of land that make up the US "embassy" in Baghdad?

Iraq's sovereignty is its own. That is why I ordered the removal of our combat brigades by next August.

If its sovereignty is it its own, then all US forces should be out of Iraq. "Combat" troops is a weasel term and the reality is that, for police training, Iraq could return to Jordan. Why do you think the US cut that out in 2006? The US cut that out, a cost-efficient program that won praise across the board, and if they hadn't, the lie that "police troops" are needed for "training" in Iraq would be harder for many to swallow.

Grasp that Barack is working hand-in-hand with Bully Boy Bush. Grasp that, sports metaphor for Dickie Wolffe, Bush handed the ball off to Barack.

The "peace" so many foolishly believe is around the corner would be coming from the Bush rammed through "SOFA" and that's what Barack now acts under. Barack's following Bush's dance steps. And yet he's applauded. Barack's not done a damn thing on Iraq. All those praising Barry O! might need to start praising George W. Bush as well unless they want to be called "hypocrites." Then again, they could just get honest that Barry O is a War Hawk.

That is why we will honour our agreement with Iraq's democratically elected government to remove combat troops from Iraqi cities by July, and to remove all our troops from Iraq by 2012. We will help Iraq train its security forces and develop its economy. But we will support a secure and united Iraq as a partner, and never as a patron.

The agreement? The Bush agreement. And it's cute because they're supposed to be June 30th. But they won't be. They won't be out of Baghdad. They won't be out of Mosul (the base bordering Mosul will remain fully staffed by the US military). Barry O lied and if Bush pulled that, he would have been called out. But the Cult of St. Barack bleeds for their savior . . . or at least stands in silence as the world bleeds.

Yesterday the DoD identified one of the fallen, "The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sgt. Justin J. Duffy, 31, of Cozad, Neb., died June 2 in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C." The Fayetteville Observer identifes Lt. Col. Michael Shinners, Spc. Ryan Higgins, Pfc. Adam Rosenbaum and Pfc. Alan Davidson as wounded in the same bombing. They also note that Justin Duffy is a University of Nebraska at Kearney graduate and that a memorial service will be held for him on "Sunday in Iraq." A family service is being arranged for Molina, Nebraska.His parents, Janet and Joseph Duffy, state, "We knew from when Justin was a little boy that he would succeed. His desire to serve his country and be a paratrooper is what made him exemplary. We supported him and prayed for him every day. Words cannot express how proud we are of him, and he will always be our hero." Carrie Murphy (Omaha's Action 3 News) notes he graduated from Cozad High School and "Cozad Mayor Greg Tetley has asked that flags be lowered to half-staff." The Lincoln Journal Star spoke with Joseph Duffy:

"We had some fears, but at the time, the hostilities were much less than they had been previously," he said. "We took some relief in that."
He said his son's unit was busy in Iraq, going on one to two operations a day, six days a week. It provided escort security for high-ranking Army officials.
"Most of the operations were very uneventful," Joe Duffy said.
He said his son had a strong will and pursued his goals fervently.
"He wouldn't take no," Joe Duffy said. "He wouldn't stop. He had a very strong work ethic and drive."
Joe said his son could get along with anyone and had a knack for easing tensions between others. He was the kind of guy who was successful at anything he tried and was quick to jump in when needed, Joe said.
"When there's a job to do, he was the first one there," he said.

Monday the DoD identifed another of the fallen: "The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Pvt. Thomas E. Lee, III, 20, of Dalton, Ga., died May 29 in Mosul, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an explosive device struck his vehicle. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. For more information the media may contact the Fort Hood public affairs office at (254) 287-9993; after hours (254) 291-2591." The Chattanoogan reports his funeral will be held "at the 11th Avenue Baptist Church in Dalton," Georgia Saturday afternoon (2:00 p.m.) Jamie Jones (The Daily Citizen) adds:

Lee will receive full military honors. The funeral procession is expected to begin at 3 p.m. and will begin at the funeral home at 138 Melrose Drive, just off the south bypass. The procession will head west onto the north bypass, onto I-75 north, then onto I-24 west into Chattanooga.
The family will receive friends at Ponders Funeral Home in Dalton from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday. The services and burial for Lee will not be private events, grandfather Billy Hobbs said.
"Everybody's welcome," he said.

Kelly Jackson and Chloe Morrison (Chattanooga Times Free Press -- link has text and video) report:

Shirley Lee backed her son's lifelong dream to join the Army, but when he was deployed to Iraq, there was never a moment that she didn’t worry about him.
"He wasn't just my son -- he was my best friend," Mrs. Lee said Tuesday. “He wanted to fight for his country. He wanted to make things better for me and his sisters.”
Dalton Pvt. Thomas E. Lee III was killed May 29 in an explosion while on patrol in Mosul, Iraq. He recently spent 11 days at home with his family and returned to Iraq for another year of service.
Pvt. Lee also leaves behind sisters Ashley Lee, 24, and Katie Lee, 14. He was engaged to Misti Beasley, who says on her MySpace page that she is expecting his child this year.

WCBR has several reports (all at link -- text and video) and they also note Misti Beasley, "We've learned that Lee was to be married to his girlfriend who also confirmed with Eyewitness News that she was pregnant."

Barry O claims the war is ending -- it's already over for the fallen. In addition, the Honolulu Advertiser reports that the 130th Engineer Brigade is sending over 150 troops to Iraq for a one year tour of duty (their send off takes place tomorrow at Hamilton Field starting at ten a.m.). Tom Barton (Des Moines Register) reports on Tim Geiger, 19-years-old, who compets in the X Games' Hometown Heroes Amateur Skateboard Tour Competition in Urbandale and then leaves for Iraq.

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