Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sandra Bullock's blockbuster passes the $100 million mark

Sandra Bullock

Thursday Sandra Bullock's The Proposal passed the $100 million mark in domestic box office. John Young (Entertainment Weekly) notes that the film made an estimated $10.5 million over the weekend and that "The Proposal marks star Sandra Bullock's first $100 million picture since 2000's Miss Congeniality, and the romantic comedy should have no trouble passing 1994's Speed to become Bullock's biggest hit." The ten million over the weekend would go along with the approximately nine million made during the week for a total of $19 million since last Sunday. And that, the ability to keep people in the seats during the week and not just on weekends, is among the reasons why theater owners love Sandra.

Isaiah did the above illustration June 21st to note Sandra Bullock's number one opening weekend. Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts.