Friday, August 07, 2009

Dems sell the illegal war

Kimberly Page (WALB) reports that US House Rep Sanford Bishop just completed a for-show walk-around in Iraq and issuing laughable statements such as, "Things seem to be going very, very well. In fact, better than expected." Embarrassing statements on any day but especially with the violence in today's news cycle

Nothing ever changes, no, it doesn't
Nothing ever changes, you know it doesn't
Nothing ever changes, no, it doesn't
Nothing ever changes
-- "Nothing Ever Changes" written by Stevie Nicks and Sandy Stewart, appears first on Nicks' Wild Heart

Nearly seven years that they pimped this crap and it doesn't sound any better coming from a Democrats' mouth than it did from a Republican's.

Henry Cunningham (Fayetteville Observer) reports, "About 3,500 soldiers of the 1st Brigade Combat Team have begun departing for a year in Iraq to advise and assist local security forces, the commander said Thursday." Conan Gasque (News 14, link has text and video) reports they'll be in Anbar and quotes Col Mark Stammer stating what everyone but members of the US Congress should grasp, "It's still a dangerous place down there." Also deploying to Iraq is San Diego's 10News' Angele Ringo who has already done one tour of Iraq.

Sanford Bishop's pleased as punch with things in Iraq because he's not paying attention and he doesn't give a damn. He loves the 'pace' of 'withdrawal' because he's a war monger. The 'pace' of withdrawal? Barack was sworn in over six months ago, the candidate pledging to remove a brigade a month, and the reality is there are still more US troops on the ground in Iraq than before Bully Boy Bush started the 'surge' in 2007. Remember, it takes a John to buy, it takes a whore to sell.

In Iraq, Alsumaria is raising questions about the 'deadlines' of the Status Of Forces Agreement and Nouri's comments that the US may remain in Iraq beyond 2011. In the US Democrats calculate how many American troops they can continue to provide as cannon fodder. Time to update those bumper stickers, "BARACK LIED, THEY DIED."

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