Friday, October 23, 2009

NYT thinks Iraq's Constitution matters . . . sometimes

Iraq's political leaders need a strong shove ahead if there is to be any hope of withdrawing American troops on time and ensuring that the country they leave behind doesn't once again unravel.

Maybe it's better that the New York Times ignore Iraq? The above is from the editorial in today's paper entitled "Counting Backward" and the thought of any news outlet advocating for Iraq to be given "a strong shove" is disturbing enough; however, when it's the paper which did more than any other to sell the illegal war, it's flat out appalling.

As you read along, you notice a strange kind of 'concern' on the part of the paper. For example, take this sentence, "Iraq's Constitution says national elections must be held before Jan. 31." Iraq's Constitution says that? (It does.) So it's important to the paper? Because Iraq's Constitution says it?

Strange because deeper in the editorial, you can find the following: "The second, even more difficult issue, is who should be eligible to vote in Kirkuk. [. . .] The broader Kirkuk problem could take years to resolve. The way to break the election logjam would be to use the current voter list -- no legitimate voters would be disenfranchised -- with an understanding that it will not prejudice the decision on Kirkuk's future." Wait a minute, wait a minute!

The paper just advocated for the elections to be held in January and did so citing Iraq's Constitution; however, now they raise the issue of Kirkuk and shove it aside? Has anyone read Iraq's Constitution?

The issue of Kirkuk was supposed to have been put to a referendum -- per Iraq's Constitution. Not only that, in 2007, the US White House proposed a series of benchmarks by which to measure 'progress' in Iraq and one of them was the Kirkuk issue being resolved. Nouri al-Maliki signed off on those benchmarks. These weren't "get around to it some time benchmarks," these were "get to work on these and accomplish them" and the timeline was supposed to have been one year but people were still acting -- in 2008 -- as if Nouri could work on them then. Since 2008, the benchmarks have all but been forgotten.

Today the New York Times wants to argue points and advocate for following the Iraqi Constitution . . . except when they don't want to follow it. And no one's supposed to notice the logical fallacy built into their argument which advocates for a "strong shove."

Meanwhile the Cleveland Leader notes Hotaru Ferschke and other war widows and widowers were addressed by Congress which "granted final approval to new legislation" regarding widows and widowers and permanent residency. Michael Ferschke died serving in Iraq. Prior to that, he and Hotaru had planned a life together, were living together and attempting to get pregnant when he was deployed to Iraq. Shortly after he shipped out, Hotaru learned she was pregnant. The two were married over the phone. Though the US military recognizes the marriage, the US government refused to do so for citizenship issues and had been attempting to deport both Hotaru and Hotaru and Michael's son Michael H. Ferschke III.

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And Sunday there's an event for war resistance. With Aimee Allison, David Solnit authored the must read Army Of None. David Solnit notes Courage to Resist has an event Sunday:

Sunday, October 25, 7 pm - more info
Prof. Marjorie Cohn, President of the National Lawyers Guild. Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent
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This event is a benefit for Courage to Resist in support of military war resisters. Endorsed and supported by Veterans for Peace SF Bay Area Chapter, Iraq Veterans Against the War (SF Bay Area), BAY-Peace, Asian Americans for Peace and Justice, CodePink, War Resisters League-West, United for Peace and Justice - SF Bay Area, and American Friends Service Committee - SF.

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