Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Jon Corzine loses governor's seat (Mike)

Last night, Mike blogged about the New Jersey governor's race. Rebecca asked if she could cross-post it at the mirror site (which was fine) but in case anyone missed that, I'm including it this morning.

Corzine goes down for the count

Tuesday! What a great day!!!!! :D I've been on the phone with C.I., Kat, Ava, Wally, Cedric and Jim doing prep on an article we're doing Sunday.

On what?


The losers.


The Losers

Yes, Jon Corzine is not New Jersey's choice for governor. We are aware that Bob Somerby spent today trying to do damage control insisting that the governors races in Virginia and New Jersey didn't count. Didn't count? Barack campaigned non-stop for Corzine. Corzine was the incumbent. He couldn't hold on to his seat.

Even with Barry O and Caroline Kennedy.

Or maybe because of them.

Hillary voters will not forget and Jon Corzine learned that lesson tonight. Poor washed up politician.

And most importantly, both races send a message to House and Senate Dems afraid to buck the Great . . . Unwashed. They better start bucking Barack. It's their asses that are on the line if they're up for re-election in 2010, not Barack's.

America's love affair with Barack is over. He currently polls worse than Bush in his first term. It's over and those who chose to be Barry's buds will learn that, yes, WE DO judge you by the company you keep. In fact, let's start a new game: Six Degrees of Barry Soreto.

I can connect Robert Byrd to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Watch! Robert Byrd knows Barack and Barack was neighbor and friends with Bill Ayers and with Weather Underground leader Bernardine Dohrn.

It's a fun game to play: Six Degrees of Barry Soreto. Patent pending. All rights assigned to Mike McKinnon. :D

Corzine was a US Senator. He left the Senate to run for governor. He won that race too. Then he ran for re-election and the voters said, "Piss off."

Poor Jon Corzine. He stood by Barry O and thought that would be enough. In fact, it helped defeat him. If I were Barbara Boxer -- who disgraced herself in 2008 as she played catty in the most stereotypical manner -- I wouldn't plan on running for re-election because she's really hated right now. And the polls show that. These whores like Corzine and Boxer who thought they could lie and attack Hillary are finding out that Hillary is a hell of a lot more popular with voters than they are.

So Boxer prepare to do what Jon Corzine's doing right now: Eat s**t.

Jonathan Martin (Politico) reports, " Chris Christie has defeated New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, becoming the first Republican to win statewide in more than a decade.
With 79 percent of the vote in, Christie was winning, 49 to 45, with independent candidate Chris Daggett pulling just 5 percent. " That's got audio if you'd prefer to listen to it instead of reading.

Now they kept saying the Republican Party was dead. Apparently idiots on my side brought it back to life. How did they do that? By lying, by using hypocrisy and by being the smuggest asses in the world.

Most of all by putting the Not Ready For Prime Time Barry O on the world's stage. We could have had a real president, we could have had Hillary who would have done a great job. But we let Republicans, Communists and Socialists infiltrate our Democratic Party primary and give the nomination to Barack The Unprepared. And he has single handedly made Evil Doer George W. Bush look better just by comparison. (That's what happens when you continue ALL of Bush's policies.)

My party better wise up real quick or expect to be eating s**t the way Corzine is tonight.