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The Capons of NYC

They demonstrated yet again how useless they are, how inept and how laughable. Hopefully the whole country caught it. A friend, longtime peace activist (took part in the Los Angeles protest today) bet me mid-week that NYC's 'peace' 'demonstration' would have a laughable turnout. Though no fan of the 'left' 'leaders' in NYC, I doubted it would be as bad as he was predicting. So we bet. If I was wrong, I would write here about "the capons of NYC." And I was wrong, my friend was right, I lost the bet.

AP and NBC New York write that the Manhattan protest against the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars today only generated "a few dozen people." And, to be clear, I'm not mocking the participants, that's not the point of this entry. But I will note that the Raging Grannies participated and it is strange that they didn't issue a press release since they generally do.

But the capons are the 'leaders.' A capon, for any who doesn't know, is a rooster that's been castrated. If you think that's harsh to NYC left and 'left' women, you haven't encountered many of them. The bulk of them are so damn eager to disapprove their womanhood. They'll never support feminism but they will go out of their way to slam other women -- especially any woman who tries to take a stand. They exist (think of Katha) to hiss at other women who decide to run for public office. They exist (think of Amy Goodman) to promote the owners of skin flicks. They don't exist to advance women's rights but, in a pinch, they'll push the rights of women somewhere in the world, far, far from these shores. They exist as the left or 'left' equivalent of Kate Smith -- meant to drone away so loudly that they drown out the objections of all women.

I think they wish they were men -- they certainly act as if that's the case. And they do anything to fit in with NYC's straight and bi- male 'leaders'. (No openly gay man is in NYC leadership outside of the LGBT movement. The capons aren't too fond of gay rights -- for those who fail to read NY Review of Books or catch the NYC-based Pacifica programs -- they're really not fond of gay rights at all.)

The NYC capons surprisingly manage to reproduce leading to ever more women who act like stereotypes of men and men who do their best to try to act like stereotypes of men. That's in part why rape has never been a big issue for the left and 'left' in NYC (I'm referring to the left leadership -- not the small groupings of feminists or LGBT activists). The capons think of rape as just a way to establish that they're straight. I can think of one male for instance whom "NO!" meant nothing to, beating him with my fists meant nothing, but check his left ear lobe and you still find my teeth marks where I drew blood and finally got him off me. He's still in the publishing business and still considers himself 'left' and is still praised by his fellow capons. In the Capon Set of NYC, 'bad form' is mentioning his attempted rapes and his rapes. That's 'bad form.' 'Good manners' -- among that set -- is giving him awards -- like the George Polk award.

So he circles the NYC capon nest and rarely ventures out of that safety since he knows full well he'll be attacked all over the West Coast left set where, whatever else our faults, we don't tolerate rape or rapists.

It's why the term "tea b**ger" took off, they're homophobic. It's why so much disgusting sexism (aimed at Hillary, aimed at whomever) is never called out by the capon set. It's why Katha Pollitt -- idiot that she is -- reveals at The Nation in 2008 that she's refusing to call out sexism, that's she promised herself she'll stop doing that, so that Barack can be elected. They have no values, they have no ethics. They would sell their own mother into sexual slavery in the blink of an eye. And should said mother be discovered beat up, battered, on the streets, they would work overtime to ignore that fact. That is the NYC capon set.

The NYC capon set tolerates rape, they cover for rapists, they make excuses for pedophiles (Scott Ritter being only one example) and they never accomplish anything. They do manage to dance The Clampdown very well. On any issue. Example, Cindy Sheehan wants to run for Congress? ATTACK!!!! They used more energy attacking Cindy Sheehan's decision to run for Congress than they ever used to attack Barack's extension of the Patriot Act.

The capons take to flight when things get tough out of fear that they might mess up their manicures. So they hop from issue and 'issue' to issue and 'issue.' Like mockingbirds, flittering and fluttering here, there and everywhere but never quite landing.

The NYC capon set is nothing but the house pets of the Democratic Party (though not all are Democrats, they all pretend to be for public consumption). And they'll let a few in on the lower rungs -- no where near leadership -- if they're easily controlled. Easily controlled? Check The Nation where you'll read the 'writings' of 'writers' (I'm thinking of one in particular) that aren't worthy of being published in a small high school newspaper. A Glen Ford, a Bruce Dixon, a Margaret Kimberely, none of them would be hired by The Nation. The house pets seek out 'writers' even dimmer than they themselves are. That, you understand, is how they 'shine.'

The Nation? Peter Rothberg has sent out how many e-mail 'alerts' on NYC actions and 'actions' (Katrina vanden Heuvel's appearance on basic cable programs are neither news nor actions, someone inform Katty) regarding Iraq but not a peep from him on the Manhattan action.

WBAI didn't promote the event. Nor are they promoting this NYC event tomorrow.

Public Hearing
March 21, 2010 4 - 8pm
The Riverside Church
490 Riverside Dr. New York, NY 10027

Visit the official website to learn more and watch the trailer:

IVAW members Joshua Casteel, Logan Laituri, and Camilo Mejia are featured in the documentary Soldiers of Conscience and will be testifying at the Truth Commission.

Executive Director Jose Vasquez will serve as a commissioner.

Public Event Details, March 21, 4 - 8 pm

* Screening of excerpts from the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary, Soldiers of Conscience, which follows the stories of eight US soldiers in war facing the life-changing moral decisions facing them in combat.
* Testimonies of veterans of current and previous wars
* Reports from expert witnesses from the fields of law, ethics, psychology, and journalism
* Reception at 8 pm.

Click here for more IVAW Updates

Why? Do you really think you hear criticism of this administration on WBAI? Do you really?

I'm going to repeat one more time, I'm not criticizing the people who participated or average New Yorkers. I'm talking about leadership and 'leadership. ' I don't slam the people. I'll slam leaders, including a government, but no American opposed to the illegal war should ever make the mistake of assuming that leaders and 'leaders' represent the people.

They're the ones who either just shrugged this week or rushed to suddenly, for a paragraph of column, rushed to 'remember' the Iraq War. Leaving the NYC capon nest, you can also laugh at Bryan Cones (US Catholic) who wrote Friday about how important it is to pay attention and . . . as proof . . . offered a link to . . . US Catholic's coverage . . . from March 2008. Does it get any worse than this:

Beyond our own servicemembers, there are also parents, refugees such as my friend, and activists with stories to tell, which they did in the March 2008 issue of U.S. Catholic magazine. Perhaps their witness will help us heed the prophet Isaiah's call to "study war no more."

Two years ago, Bryan Cones wants you to be brave and drop back two years ago. No time for it in 2009 or 2010 but two years ago . . .

Far from the New York capons, in the real world, Spc Robert Rieckoff's family mourns. Reickoff died Thursday while serving in Iraq. Bill Glauber (Journal Sentinel) reports his survivors include his children Katrina and Tyler, his sisters Sheila Sartorius and Kaszaray Reickhoff, Jolene Garwood and Cathy Garwood and his brothers Roland Garwood III and Bobby Garwood and he quotes his grandmother Judith Nelson remembering, "I'd be cooking supper and he would be getting into cupboards. He'd play with all my canned goods. He could never do wrong in my eyes."

In Iraq, the election results are still being tabulated. One of the political parties competing for votes is the Ahrar Party and they issued the following on Friday:

Iraq election results being fixed - call for election recount

The leader of the Ahrar Freedom Party in Iraq today called for a nationwide recount of the results in the recent General Election held on 7 March.

Ayad Jamal Aldin said, "We have sound evidence of nationwide corruption in the election results presently being declared across Iraq. A large number of smaller parties are being deliberately squeezed out of the election result. Thousands of votes are being stolen and transferred to the larger parties, within the Malaki, Allawi and Hakim camps.

"Our Ahrar Party was polling fourth in a large number of governorates and regions across Iraq and we have evidence that our, and other parties', votes are being excluded and not declared in the results so far.

"We have no confidence in the fairness and honesty of the election counting process. We call for international observers, including the United Nations and US Vice President Joe Biden to intervene and support an independently monitored recount of all the votes cast on 7th March. The people of Iraq are being cheated out of a fair election result. No one has anything to fear from a fairly conducted recount but if the present election results are allowed to go unchallenged, Iraq will descend again into conflict rather than benefiting from a free and fair electoral process."

For further information, contact:

Ahrar Media Bureau
Tel: +964 (0)790 157 4478 / +964 (0)790 157 4479 / +964 (0)771 275 2942

About Ayad Jamal Aldin:

Ayad Jamal Aldin is a cleric, best known for his consistent campaigning for a new, secular Iraq. He first rose to prominence at the Nasiriyah conference in March 2003, shortly before the fall of Saddam, where he called for a state free of religion, the turban and other theological symbols. In 2005, he was elected as one of the 25 MPs on the Iraqi National List, but withdrew in 2009 after becoming disenchanted with Iyad Allawi's overtures to Iran. He wants complete independence from Iranian interference in Iraq. He now leads the Ahrar party for the 2010 election to the Council of Representatives, to clean up corruption and create a strong, secure and liberated Iraq for the future.

The next entry will cover the other protests and I'll note the one I attended.

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Note to this entry. I know some NYC capons are immediately going to pimp the lie they usually try which is "They were on a date!" No, we weren't. I would never date that sleeze. He's neither intellectually swift enough nor physically attractive enough to turn me on. I attended a party and excused myself to step outside and get some air. He followed me outside and tried to rape me there. I'm also not Rhoda (see "Today I Am a Ma'am" of The Mary Tyler Moore Show) -- meaning, I would not have gone to any part with "a date" that include a man and his wife. The sleeze's wife was inside while he was attempting his rape, promising it would be "a quickie." Typical of Panhandle Media's Beggars, after he got off an attended to his ear, as I was rushing back into the party, he called out asking if I'd donate to his latest failed venture.

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