Thursday, April 08, 2010

2 US service members killed in Iraq, 5 wounded

The Australian reports 2 US soldiers have been killed "during combat operations in northern Iraq". CNN adds that, in addition to the two dead, five soldiers were injured. Press TV notes, "The fallen US military servicemen were from the American Norther Division that perished while conducting a patrol, the army said in a Thursday statement without identifying the soldiers or providing further details." The deaths bring the total number of US service members killed in the Iraq War to 4390. In all, three US service members have died in Iraq this week.

As noted in yesterday's snapshot, Sgt Kurt E. Kruize died on Sunday. Kruize's body arrived at Dover Air Force Base on Tuesday (link goes to photos of the arrival by AP's Jose Luis Magana). Yesterday's snapshot noted "his survivors include his wife Billie Kruize, four children and his parents Bev and Lyle Kruize." David Unze (St Cloud Times) notes his wife as Billie Jo Kruize and that the two "married in 1996" and quotes her friend Alice Lister stating, "He was a very loving and supportive father and husband." Mary Lynn Smith (Star Tribune) reports:

Growing up in Hancock, a small town about 100 miles west of St. Cloud, Kurt Kruize spent endless hours outdoors, fishing and hunting. He would fish the nearby lake from early morning to dark if his parents let him, his father said. As soon as he could hunt, "dad got skunked and son got a nice four- or six-point buck," his father recalled.

Smith identifies the four children of Kurt and Billie Jo Kruize as "13-year-old Austin, 10-year-old Annabelle, 5-year-old Raven and 2-year-old Tamika" and that survivors also includ "a brother, Darren of North Carolina; two sisters, Tammy Angrimson of Paynesville and Kari Stadfuiss of Big Lake; and a niece, Torrie Kruize of Paynesville."

In other news, AP reports that 66 members of Vermont's National Guard will be deploying to Iraq in September and are scheduled to remain there for one year.

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Meanwhile Lorraine Mirabella (Baltimore Sun via Stars and Stripes) continues the reporting on the tough job market veterans are facing and we'll note this section of her report:

"It's hard to transition from military life to civilian life," he said. Employers "think you're going to get deployed again. We are qualified to do a lot of jobs, and we can do our job under pressure, but the civilian sector doesn't understand what those jobs are."
Gibson has been looking for work for almost a year, applying not only in the medical field but for warehouse work, and staying with family in Northwest Baltimore.
"When you come home, it's more or less, you're not really welcomed ... because (employers) are more concerned about when you're leaving again," he said.

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