Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainmondo tells the truth, Swanson offers more bitchy

With a complicit Democratic majority in Congress, and a Republican minority all too eager to keep us bogged down in Iraq until Kingdom come, no one is holding the Obama administration accountable -- and the American public, which never hears anything about Iraq in the "mainstream" media, doesn’t even know what's happening. They voted for Obama, in the Democratic primaries and the general election, in large part because he promised to end the war. That he now appears to be reneging on his firm pledge comes as no surprise to us foreign policy mavens, never mind observers of the Obama Method -- which is to strike an angular stance, and then come up with all sorts of convincing reasons for abandoning his position.
To the majority of Americans, however, the pledge to get out of Iraq is carved in stone, and the only way to erase it is to shatter the tablet on which the President’s electoral mandate is written.
What the Democrats are counting on is the complicity of the “opposition” party, which is not going to make Iraq an election year issue -- except insofar as they see it as a "model" for how to win the war in Afghanistan. The administration is also counting on the silence of the "antiwar" left, in congress and at the grassroots, simply because these forces -- easily bought off, and/or intimidated -- haven't given them any reason to worry in the past.

The above is from Justin Raimondo's "Iraq: The Endless Occupation" ( and that is what reality sounds like. Can't find it on most of the left these days. Too busy lying and offering excuses. Too busy playing the quiet game. That's the reality we, once upon a time, could get at, for example, The Nation magazine. These days they wallow in hypocrisy -- so much so that they hire Lie Face Melissa Harris-Lacewell. A worker for Barack's campaign. Who went on PBS and Pacifica and 'forgot' to disclose that fact while playing 'independent' commentator. They are the Liar Class and they are always with us.

On The Takeaway (PRI) today, John Hockenberry notes, "The Obama administration claims it is sticking to its timetable for the drawdown of 50,000 US troops in Iraq by early September but that's despite continuing violence across the country. And Iraq's March elections? Not decisive and there's been continuing chaos in forming a new government." This leads into a conversation with Caitlin Waters whose husband Mark Waters is currently serving in Iraq and Joost Hiltermann of the International Crisis Group.

And Sahwa and other topics will have to wait because when an airhead comes knocking, who can stop laughing?

David Swanson writes:

Obama should be in prison.
As should anyone who votes for anyone who funds illegal wars.
The two parties should be eliminated.

Try to read it a few times to find the Democratic conspiracy hidden deep within.
If you can't find it, try suspecting it isn't there.
Then read books, including mine, which will help prevent future paranoia at least about me.


David Swanson, such a little bitch, isn't he? Such a catty little bitch.

Your 'writing'?

Did you really go there?

I believe Ann called you out on your 'writing' that appears at your website not all that long ago:

But that's not saying much and that really captures David Swanson. I should also note that he reposted a community blog in full and that's always ticked me off. If you don't get why I would be offended by that, you don't know who my husband is: Cedric Wilson.

You know Dave, as you kiss my Black ass, grasp that it's not that you reposted Cedric, or even that you did so without permission, it's that you didn't even have the good manners to let him know. So Davey Swanson, kiss my Black ass, once on each cheek.

Maybe David felt it was okay for him to do that because White people have a long history of 'using' (appropriating) the work of Blacks?

You glorious and overstuffed magpie, you.

David did not give permission for his e-mail to be noted. Screw David Swanson. He gets no private conversations in e-mails. He does get more courtesy than he showed Rebecca since I've displayed his e-mail here for all the world to see.

With Rebecca, of course, David pretended to be a fan of her site and an e-mail buddy, pumping her with questions and then distributing her e-mails around. Then, when one of the forwarded e-mails was sent back to her informing her of what was going on, she was shocked and asked Swanson what he was doing?

Even with the e-mail -- and I've seen all the e-mails (opening line from Dave in first e-mail, "I love your site.") -- coming to her, he denied that he'd done it. Started calling her crazy. Same way he tosses around "paranoia" above. Consider David Swanson the abuser who tells the victim that she 'made' him hit her.

So, no, we don't have private conversations with David Swanson. Rebecca and I go back decades and if he thinks for one moment he's felt my wrath over what he did to one of my best friends, he is crazier than when he was pimping Barack Obama. I've set that aside for several years now at Rebecca's request. But though that's been set aside (for now), it does not mean it's been forgotten. When he forwarded Rebecca's e-mails -- when he set her up -- he lost all rights to private communication community wide.

It's cute the way the little bitch wants to toss around 'conspiracy' when there's no conspiracy. There's just the fact that he's a coward and a piece of trash. That's setting aside what he did to Rebecca and to Cedric. (I have not commented on what he did to Cedric at Cedric's request -- we have kept that in community newsletters at his request but Ann is Cedric's wife and she can break that rule and get away with it.)

Swanson was urged to take accountability. Instead he pens yet another bitchy e-mail. What a proud moment for such a bad writer. A thief in fact, a liar.

David Swanson used the peace movement to elect Dems and he can claim otherwise but that is reality. He turned John Conyers -- the old fool -- into a latter day hero. And Conyers never lived up to his part of the bargain. But, as already noted, Swanson didn't call for a 'progressive' candidate to run against Conyers. But why would he? This is the man who celebrates King Buckle Dennis Kucinich.

This is the man who, in 2007, argued against Hillary or John Edwards receiving the nomination. Oh, advocating for his buddy Dennis? No, not at all. In fact, multiple pieces never even mentioned Denny. He did repeatedly counsel what Barack must do. Like so many 'carers,' he wasn't troubled by the counter-insurgency gurus surrounding Barack. Like so many 'carers,' he didn't know a damn thing about Barack's history in the state legislator. But he used his hideous websites to pimp Barack. Like many (including some of his friends) a large part of that was due to his fear (and hatred) of the vagina. You couldn't visit his crap-ass site during the primaries without one sexist attack on Hillary after another.

He wants his 'books' to be read. I'm so sorry David, while earning my multiple degrees, I received a strong liberal arts education and I'm fully aware of what qualifies as a book and what's a glorified clip job.

You weren't asked to write me a private e-mail. You were asked to take accountability for your actions. You've called Bill Clinton a "killer" due to Waco. I wasn't aware Bill was in Waco (but I was out of the country during all of that, so I could be wrong). So apparently you believe in some form of accountability, but only for others. Barack is where he is because you and others refused to hold him to a standard and because you cleared the playing field for him with your incessant lies. I'm not in the mood, little boy.

You broke the cookie jar. We see it in pieces on the kitchen floor. The only question at this point is whether or not you're mature enough to take responsiblity and own up to your actions? Judging by your e-mail, the very clear answer is: No, you're not.

Good, we get it. You're not anyone worth listening to.

I'd say, "You've not done a damn thing," but that would overlook all the damage you've repeatedly done. All the ill informed commentary you have repeatedly offered. I would think some of your contributors would be willing to sue you for damages after they tossed coin at you repeatedly when you were promising an impeachment. But you get away with it, time and again. You raise false hopes and you promise that something is about to happen. You play 'insider' when you can't even stand by the door, let alone get inside.

You're a joke and the peace movement can't afford you. You'll be popular with the others who rushed into marriage with Barack and now have trouble admitting that it's a failure and that divorce is the only answer. But I speak to the people who care about ending the Iraq War and you don't mean anything to them. You will, with your e-mail, however provide multiple laughs because I will work you into every speech I give next week. Something along the lines of: "David Swanson: A morality play in its final act. Kids, here's what not to do." (Actually, I'll start riffing on that in today's speeches.)

Repeating, real leaders take accountability. You helped stage Barack's coming out, he's your debutante and he's your disgrace. Not mine. You pimped him, you pushed him and, in the process, you helped kill off an active left. Take accountability.

Conspiracy? What conspiracy? People like yourself have always attempted to suck up to power. There's nothing new or surprising in that. That is, in fact, what drives the chat & chews.

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The Blow Out
Scott Pelley investigates the explosion that killed 11, causing the ongoing oil leak in the waters off of Louisiana, and speaks to one of the oil rig platform crew survivors who was in a position to know what caused the disaster and how it could have been prevented. The report contains never-before-seen footage of the minutes after the explosion and new information about what led up to it.

Gustavo Dudamel
Now that he is the musical director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel wants to transplant in the U.S. the Venezuelan child orchestra system that changed his life. Bob Simon reports.

60 Minutes, Sunday, May 16, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

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