Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dumping The Political Voices of (faux) Women

Friday a bombing attack on US service members resulted in the deaths of 2 US soldiers. Yesterday's snapshot included the statement US Senator Blanche Lincoln's office issued
on the death of SPC William Yauch. Arkansas' other US senator is Mark Pryor and his office issued the following:

Senator Mark Pryor made the following statement on the death of Specialist William C. Yauch of Batesville, Arkansas, who was killed by an IED in Jalula, Iraq. Specialist Yauch was assigned to B Company, 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington.
Today I join all Arkansans in lifting up the family and friends of U.S. Army Specialist William C. Yauch, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. He served our nation with great courage, honor, and distinction, and embodied the meaning of “a true patriot.”
Specialist Yauch had the greatest love for his country, and his country will always remember his selfless service. My prayers and thoughts are with his wife and family during this difficult time.

Two US soldiers died on Friday. As noted in yesterday's snapshot, Sgt Israel Obryan of Newsbern, Tennessee was the other soldier killed, he was twenty-four years old and on his second tour of Iraq and his US senators (Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander) and his governor (Phil Bredesen) have issued no statements noting the loss thus far; however, Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota's office has issued a statement:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 14, 2010
CONTACT: Joe Kafka or Roxy Everson, 605-773-3212

Stryker Brigade Soldier Killed in Iraq, Wife from Sisseton

PIERRE, S.D. - The Department of Defense announced today that Sgt. Israel Paul O’Bryan, 24, of Newbern, Tenn., died Friday, June 11, 2010, from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device near Jalula, Iraq.

Sgt. O’Bryan’s widow, Brenna (Oey) O’Bryan, is from Sisseton, S.D.

According to U.S. Army records, Sgt. O’Bryan enlisted Feb. 27, 2006, at Memphis, Tenn. and reported to Fort Benning, Ga., for initial training in Military Occupational Specialty 11C (Indirect Fire Infantryman), and Airborne Training.

He reported to then-Fort Lewis, Wash., on Dec. 30, 2006, and was assigned to 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. The brigade deployed in August 2009 to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; it was O’Bryan's second Mideast deployment with the brigade. His first deployment was in 2007.

O’Bryan's civilian and military education included a high school diploma, two years of college credits, Military Occupational Specialty 11C (Indirect FireInfantryman) Qualification Course, Warrior Leader Course (2008), DLI-Arabic studies (2009).

His awards and decorations included the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, and Combat Infantry Badge.

Sgt. O’Bryan’s wife, Brenna, a former active-duty U.S. Army Soldier assigned to the same brigade, met him on a previous deployment to Iraq. She moved to Sisseton with their son, Turner, age 1, to be with her family during his second deployment. His mother, Denise Jones, lives in Newbern, Tenn., and his father, Richard O'Bryan, resides in Portland, Tenn.

Details for memorial and funeral services are pending and will be released later, but they are expected to be held in Wilmot, S.D.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact JBLM PAO by calling 253-967-0147 or 253-967-0152. After duty hours, call 253-967-0015 (ask for the Public Affairs Officer on call).

Joyce Chen (News Tribune) covers both deaths. We'll note this further in today's snapshot.

In today's news cycle, Reuters notes a Mosul roadside bombing claimed the lives of 2 Iraqi soldiers, a Mosul mortar attack wounded a police officer and, dropping back to Monday for all that follows, a Baghdad roadside bombing which claimed the lives of 2 Iraqi police officers and left four more injured, a Baghdad sticky bombing which injured three people and 1 corpse discovered in Kirkuk.

How do you get pulled from our links? Do something so outrageous that no one wants to read you and I don't want to read another e-mail about your stupidity. So, for example, when Marjorie Cohn went nuts in 2008 (and she's never recovered) and started raving that Hillary Clinton was trying to kill Barack Obama, we just didn't have the time. I didn't have the time for the e-mails, I did not have time for Marjorie lunacy. The Political Voices of Women is a joke. It's a pathetic joke.

To believe the garbage, women had nothing to say from February until yesterday. That's your first problem, idiots. Your second problem? You finally post something and it's Pamela Lyn trashing Sarah Palin.

The Political Voices of "Women"?

Really. You take four months off and the first thing you do when you finally post is trash a woman. Really?

Some of those complaining say they left messages. Martha copied and pasted what she left:

Wow, what a proud moment for women, Pammy Lyn attacks Palin. I’m so sick of this crap. You need to grow up and find something to do little girl. Palin didn’t cause the oil disaster nor is she the president. You’re just a gossipy little girl offering trivial and meaningless posts.
In the real world, we have to worry about abortion rights not being further weakend, we have to worry about LGBT rights being advanced, we have to worry about two wars being ended and, yes, the oil disaster.
We really can’t afford you’re bad efforts at Joan Rivers bitchy on Sarah Palin.
Grow up.

To which I say, "Amen." That is appalling. For four months not one 'thought' from Political Voices of Women and today they return to let you know . . . Sarah Palin bad. And to 'prove it' they link to sexist pig Bob Cesca.


Political voices of women? Bob Cesca is a woman?

He's not even pro-woman. This is the pig that, check his Huffington Post b.s., wrote such bitchy posts as the one naming Hillary "Worst Person In The World." This is 'feminist' Bob Cesca who wrote "Even In Defeat, It's All About Her" and of course "Senator Clinton Isn't a Republican, As Far As I Know." Bob Cesna isn't a premature ejaculator . . . as far as I know.

In fact, click here for his profile and, on the left, you'll find his columns. Find the one that's pro-woman -- forget feminist, just pro-woman. You won't find it. Women are only mentioned when it's time for him to attack.

Find where he tackles any issue not effecting men.

You won't find it. He's a pig.

And this is how The Political Voices of Women wants to play it?

Like Jen (Tina Yothers) interjecting "Yeah!" to whatever Alex Keaton says? (Family Ties -- and actually more a comment on the infamous skit from Saturday Night Live.)

That's how we use our power as women?

By being silent for months, finally finding 'our voice' and 'our voice' is just a man ripping apart a woman one more time?

And that's what we need to amplify?

I don't have the time for that s**t and that The Political Voices Of Women thinks it does or thinks that appropriate goes a long way towards explaining why women remain a disposable commodity in this administration of frat boys.

To everyone e-mailing about the garbage since last night: It's pulled. We don't have the time to waste on that kind of crap.

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