Wednesday, June 09, 2010

UK, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands say 'Refugees Not Welcome'

In a continuing crackdown on refugees, Norway is to forcibly deport several Iraqi asylum seekers back to Bagdad today in a coordinated operation with the UK, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
The deportations contravene UNHCR (the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees) recommendations about refugees from Bagdad, Diyala, Ninewa, Salah al-Din, and the Kirkuk province safety.
In accordance with the UN’s 1951 Refugee Convention, the UNHCR believes these groups of people should continue to enjoy international protection by being classed as DPs (Displaced Persons).
Amnesty International has warned Norwegian authorities against today’s planned deportation, saying the operation undermines work to get other countries to adhere to the UNHCR's recommendations and rights of refugees.
“We are extremely disappointed that Norway continues to violate UN recommendations,” says Ina Tin, the organisation’s head of communications.

The above is from "Forced deportations to Iraq undermine UN work" (Norway's The Foreigner). As noted yesterday, England, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden all are planning to deport Iraqi refugees despite the Geneva Conventions, despite the United Nations public opposition to the plan, despite Amnesty International and Iraqi LGBT objecting to the deportations. BBC News adds, "The flight from the UK was jointly organised by European Union governments and was also scheduled to pick up failed asylum seekers at Halmstad in Sweden." Nigel Morris (Independent of London)reports, "Ministers faced a wave of anger last night after ordering the forcible return of failed asylum-seekers to Baghdad despite the violence that continues to plague the Iraqi capital."

And what are they being sent back to? Reuters reports, "Two civilians were killed when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle rammed into a U.S. army patrol in Iraq on Wednesday, police said, while four other people were killed and more than a dozen wounded in other attacks." In addition, Reuters notes 1 police officer and his wife were killed (the couple's five sons were injured) in an attack on their Abu Ghraib home and that another police officer in the area was wounded when his home was attacked, a Samarra roadside bombing injured 1 police officer and a bodyguard, last night 1 police officer was shot dead outside his Mosul home and last night a Basra sticky bombing injured four people.

Elsewhere in news from England, James Macintyre (New Statesman) reports, "Diane Abbott will within minutes be in a position to declare she has the 33 nominations to feature on the ballot for the Labour leadership to be decided in September, has learned. David Miliband has in the past hour nominated her, joining other big party figures such as Harriet Harman and, before her, David Lammy. The remaining MPs required are signing her nominations during Prime Minister's Questions." England's former Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray reviews Abbott's record:

Voted moderately against a stricter asylum system.
Voted very strongly against the Iraq war.
Voted moderately against an investigation into the Iraq war.
Voted moderately against Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted a mixture of for and against allowing ministers to intervene in inquests.
Voted moderately against greater autonomy for schools.
Voted a mixture of for and against introducing ID cards.
Voted a mixture of for and against laws to stop climate change.
Voted moderately for removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for a wholly elected House of Lords.
Voted strongly for more EU integration.
Voted moderately for equal gay rights.
Voted very strongly against replacing Trident.
Voted moderately against introducing student top-up fees.
Voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament.
Voted strongly against introducing foundation hospitals.
Voted moderately for the hunting ban.

Diane Abbott is the only possible candidate left who was against the Iraq War, against Trident and for civil liberties. All the other candidates are deeply steeped in Iraqi blood and strongly associated with New Labour's viciously authoritarian agenda. The frontrunner, David Miliband, spent most of his tenure as Foreign Secretary engaged in numerous legal attempts both to keep secret and to justify Britain's complicity in torture under New Labour.

We'll close with this from the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, Senator Byron Dorgan chairs the DPC and we'll note him on the Gulf Disaster.

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