Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A bomb threat outside the White House should be news

The bomb threat came next; you did not hear about it through mainstream
media because it was a fraud, perpetuated by your United States

First we were told we could not assemble -- our bodies had to stay in
motion. Mere minutes later a young man with a backpack and a guitar
strolled through and as he spoke with rank authorities the message from
the bull horn became righteous and powerful. The young man then
moved to the edge of the walk, mumbled something, and immediately
we were told to shut it down and get out of the park.

Amazing how that works, is it not? Read that last paragraph again.
The aggression from the agents in charge was directed towards us, not
in dealing with a supposed bomb threat. As I moved slowly through the
park I asked a relatively relaxed agent if, indeed, there was a bomb threat.
He casually replied, "mmhmm."

This was not an evacuation of any sort; it was a trampling of rights to
assemble and to speak freely. You see, we were disturbing the BBQ and
birthday celebration with the truth.

Just outside of the park, opposite the festivities at the Big House, we
continued speaking and flyering and expressing other rights as provided
in the Constitution; yet, again, we ruffled too many feathers and were
forced to cross the street, and our "free speech zone" was officially a
quarter mile away from the one man who needed to listen to us.

The above is from Cindy Sheehan's "On Protesting, and Fighting the Power" (Peace
of Action) and she's correct, it's rather strange that a bomb threat took place in DC
-- outside the White House, no less -- and no one in the media reported it. Except
of course, it wasn't a legitimate threat. A legitimate threat -- real or prank -- outside
the White House on Fourth of July would lead the news broadcasts and be splashed
over the front of the next day's papers. The fact that this didn't happen indicates the
whole thing was staged and the police were in on it. Who else was in on it? The
White House? Cute little trick they have to clear out protests? Send someone out
to holler "bomb threat" and give the police an excuse to clear the area?

If the person hollering "bomb threat" was not an employee of the police/government
on an official mission, there would be (a) a police incident report (even if the one
yelling claimed "prank") and (b) an arrest record (again, even if the one yelling
claimed "prank"). So where are those documents?

A peaceful protest was shut down on Sunday due to a 'bomb threat.' This took place
outside the White House. The media that's created and inflated threats against Barack
to up the drama count has a real one or a real prank and they're not reporting it?
They're not asking questions? What's the deal.

These would be public records. Where are they?

In London, the Iraq Inquiry continues. Today they hear from the UK Ambassador to
Iran from 2003 to 2006 Richard Dalton and the UK Ambassador to Iran from 2006
to 2009 Geoffrey Adams. Yesterday's big witness was MP Bob Ainsworth whose
posts had included Minister of State for the Armed Forces (2007 to 2009) and
Secretary of State for Defence (2009). Graeme Wilson (Sun) reports:

He told the Iraq Inquiry there were times that he wanted to say sorry to
relatives but Government lawyers stopped him.

Mr Ainsworth - Labour's Armed Forces minister in 2007 and Defence
Secretary in 2009 - said: "There were some horror stories about how
people were dealt with."

Ruth Barnett (Sky News) adds:

Mr Ainsworth said there were times he wanted to offer public apologies
but was told not to by lawyers.

"There were occasions where because of legal advice you simply can't
say that, you're opening us up to liabilities, you have to hone your
words and be careful," he said.

"That can cause distress."

Yesterday Rasmussen Reports released results from a poll (plus/minus 3%) where
Americans were asked whether or not they believed that the US military ended
combat operations at the end of August? 33% of respondents -- snorting hope,
apparently -- say yes. 59% -- that would be a clear majority -- say no. They were
also asked how history will view the Iraq War. 36% say as a failure, 33% say as a
success and 31% just don't know. The 33% figure took a hard hit from March when
41% were saying the illegal war would be seen as "a success."

In related news, Lara Jakes (AP) interviewed the top US commander in Iraq, Gen Ray
Odierno, yesterday and, "Gen. Ray Odierno brought up the possibility of a U.N. force
during an interview with The Associated Press. He observed that there is no immediate
end in sight to the yearslong dispute between Arabs and Kurds, who have managed an
uneasy political dance under American supervision since the fall of Saddam Hussein."

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