Friday, September 10, 2010

The fallen and the latest on WikiLeaks

KHON2 notes that the two US soldiers shot dead in nothern Iraq Tuesday were James McClamrock (22-years-old) and Philip Jenkins (26-years-old) and that both were assigned to the 1st battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker advise and assist brigade in Schofield Barracks." Julie Rose (WFAE) reports that Mark McClamrock, James' father, "is the pastor of Concord ARP Church" and quotes Kip Travis of James: "He had his head on straight. There's a lot of temptations out there for teens and a lot of them take bad turns. He avoided all of that. And he was just a fine young man." Holly Abrams (Journal Gazette) reports Philip Jenkins was on his second tour of duty in Iraq, that he "joined the military right after" his 2002 graduation from Bellmont High School and his survivors include his wife, their two children and his mother.

Meanwhile Mountain Home News reports that some members of the Idaho National Guard will be deploying to Iraq. AP notes that the Vermont National Guard has 60 soldiers that are headed to Fort Hood before deploying to Iraq for one year. Matt Helms (Detroit Free Press) reports on a send-off cermony for 13 members of the Michigan Army National Guard yesterday before they are deployed to Iraq for a one year tour of duty. Among those saying goodbye to loved ones was Mike Fernly whose daughter is Spec Margaret Fernly. He states, "They're [the soldiers] holding together better than I am. [. . .] She knows her job, and she'll do well."

At Newsweek, Mark Hosenball reports
the latest on Wikileaks:

A London-based journalism nonprofit is working with the WikiLeaks Web site and TV and print media in several countries on programs and stories based on what is described as massive cache of classified U.S. military field reports related to the Iraq War. Iain Overton, editor of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, tells Declassified that his organization has teamed up with media organizations—including major television networks and one or more American media outlets—in an unspecified number of countries to produce a set of documentaries and stories based on the cache of Iraq War documents in the possession of WikiLeaks. As happened with a similar WikiLeaks collection of tens of thousands of U.S. military field reports on the Afghan war, the unidentified media organizations involved with the London group in the Iraq documents project will all be releasing their stories on the same day, which Overton says would be several weeks from now. He declined to identify any of the media organizations participating in the project.

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And Caro (MakeThemAccountable) calls Barack's latest reported move (to be announced at today's press conference) "A middle finger to the base."

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