Friday, February 25, 2011

Those waves of propaganda and the Original Propagandist himself

One of the few benefits of the never ending Iraq War is that, if you stand there long enough, you'll yet again see the same propaganda come rolling past. Case in point, today's 'news' via Reuters -- "Al Qaeda Iraq 'war minister' killed in raid." Or AP's "Iraqi forces kill al-Qaida-linked leader." Now it could happen. But haven't we all seen that one a million times already in the last eight years? In fact, with all the announced deaths, shouldn't they now be down to, like, "al Qaeda truss maker killed in Iraq"?

And you can't have propaganda waves without the propagandist. Look who crawled out from under the wet spot, Dexy Filkins. Dexy "US officers check my copy and watch we me wait for days and days until I have your okay before it runs in the paper" Filkins. Dexy will probably get cheers from some idiots because he has some harsh words about Afghanistan in a book review. He also lies about counter-insurgency which is war on a native people.

The showcase for COINItalic came in Iraq, where after years of trying to kill and capture their way to victory, the Americans finally turned the tide by befriending the locals and striking peace deals with a vast array of insurgents. In 2007 and 2008, violence dropped dramatically. The relative stability in Iraq has allowed Americans to come home. As a result, counterinsurgency has become the American military’s new creed, the antidote not just in Iraq but Afghanistan too.

By befriending? Well I guess if you've already lied about what went down in Falluja, you'll stoop to whitewashing anything.

". . . allowed Americans to come home." He's such an ugly little liar, isn't he. AP, today, reports the Virginia National Guard is deploying 400 to Iraq.

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