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The deaths

An outraged person e-mails to note this Reuters b.s. article about the deaths in Iraq last month -- as pronounced by the not-disinterested Iraqi ministries -- excuse me, by one ministry. Only 119 people died in Iraq last month, Reuters 'reports', according to the Ministry of Health. So I was wrong, the e-mailer insists, in yesterday's snapshot and, worse, I "lied" by saying IBC had a figure that they didn't have. Here's the sentence from yesterday's snapshot: "Iraq Body Count has a total of 254 killed for this month. That's probably more accurate than either our number or the ministries." I'm sorry the person e-mailing was either too upset to navigate the web or just unable to navigate it at any time. Click on this IBC page today and you will see the number. As each day passes, that number will fall further and futher down the page until it's off it. Below is the screen snap of the page.


Please note, "254 civilians." IBC divides up the number (I don't) between military and police (security forces) versus civilians. Now Reuters is full of crap on this and a look at the byline would have told you why. AFP is noted in the snapshot yesterday and here's their first two sentences: "The number of Iraqis killed in violence in February fell by a quarter compared to the previous month, figures released on Tuesday showed. A total of 197 people -- 119 civilians, 45 policemen and 33 soldiers -- died as a result of attacks last month, according to data compiled by the ministries of health, interior and defence." The Reuters article tells readers a number -- kind of. As you read on through that badly written and edited article, you can do math on your own and get the AFP figure. (Or not, the e-mailer didn't -- and I don't believe that falls on the e-mailer. The presentation of the Reuters article is built in confusion -- intentionally, if you check the byline and know what's what.)

IBC has been held up by the MSM and the criticism of IBC (criticism we have made as well) is that they undercount. It's very cute how outlets now want to pretend like IBC doesn't exist but then it's not just the New York Times that's happy talking Iraq for the White House, now is it?

October 24th, David Jones Jr. died serving in Iraq. Stephanie Sorrell-White (Gatehouse News Service) reports that the military states they have ruled the death a suicide. Friends of David Jones' have a Facebook page "Justice for Dead Army Pvt. David R. Jones." They have serious questions about the military's handling of the investigation -- and that was before the military announced they'd come to a conclusion of suicide.

In the US, Kris Kirschner (WTHR) reports that Iraq War veteran Staff Sgt Herkimiah Wimbush has died after his call drove "into a Greenwood retention pond." Bill Johnson (Denver Post) notes a bike in honor of the fallen:

It is The Warrior Bike, a 2008 Ninja ZX-14 by Kawasaki, Donald Harris' tribute to the men and women with whom he served during three deployments to Iraq and, more specifically, to those who never returned home.
"It is just that I am in the Army, and I love this bike," Sgt. 1st Class Donald J. Harris said. "The community loves it; soldiers and veterans love it. It is a great conversation piece."
He cannot count the number of military shows, Veterans of Foreign Wars posts and veterans rallies he has appeared at with the motorcycle. He has stood with it at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., a replica M-16 rifle topped with a helmet propped in front.

Meanwhile, whether he took his own life (as has been ruled) or was the victim of foul play, Dr. David Kelly's death is due to the Iraq War. The scientist is the one who told the BBC that the intell was being cooked by Blair's Cabinet to make the case for war. After he was publicly outed as the source, Kelly died. It was ruled a suicide but every few months new developments seem to pop up. Miles Goslett (Daily Mail) reports, "Fresh information casting doubt on how weapons inspector Dr David Kelly died has been sent to the Government by campaigners trying to secure an inquest into his death. Attorney General Dominic Grieve was presented with legal papers on Monday arguing that because there were no fingerprints on five items found with Dr Kelly’s body – including the knife he supposedly used to kill himself – a coroner’s inquest must be held to determine how he died." BBC News notes today, "The files contain fresh information about the absence of fingerprints on items found near his body in woods close to his Oxfordshire home in 2003. The Hutton inquiry found in 2004 that he had killed himself." The Oxford Mail adds, "Similarly no fingerprints were recovered from a mobile phone, watch or water bottle discovered near to where his body was found, close to his home in Southmoor, near Abingdon. No gloves were found on the body or in its vicinity."

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