Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Withdrawal less likely and Nouri invents 'meanings'

Al Rafidayn reports US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gave a speech to the American Enterprise Institute in DC declaring that US forces should remain in Iraq beyond December 31, 2011. Julian E. Barnes and Ben Lando (Wall St. Journal) add that Gates notes the US would agree to any request from Iraq for US forces to remain. Meanwhile Dar Addustour notes that sources say a coalition is emerging among Nouri's supporters and others in Parliament to push for an extension and an MP for the Liberal Party states that they will resist these efforts to keep US forces on the ground in Iraq.

Meanwhile, on the political front, Alsumaria TV reports, "A source close to Iraqiya leader Iyad Allawi revealed on Tuesday that certain political leaders some of which are present in southern councils will join on Thursday Iraqiya’s coalition during a meeting of members to renew support to Allawi." But the big political news, New Sabah reports, is Nouri al-Maliki's assertion that Iraq's legislative branch, the Parliament, has no power to make laws. He is quoted, from a speech, stating that "the House of Representatives has no right to initiate legislation [. . . -- their edit, not mine] the legislation, the laws must come from the Council of Ministers or the Presidency exclusively." The Council is Nouri's Council and it and the presidency are part of the executive branch. For those who need a review, Iraq -- like the US -- has three branches of government, the judiciary, the legislative and the executive.

As Peter Lorre explains, while hurling knives in 1947's My Favorite Brunette (starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour), "The three branches of our government are? Hmm? The legislative, the executive and the judicial. What does the legislative branch of our government do? Hmm? Huh? It makes the laws. What does the executive branch of our government do? It carries out the laws."

Somehow that's too much for Nouri to grasp. And this is not just who the US government -- both the Bush administration and the Barack one -- has backed but the puppet they want US forces to remain in Iraq past 2011 in order to back.

Ruth's "Ruth's Sleaze Report" went up this morning (thank you, Ruth) and Mike posted "The Medical Update" early this morning. There will be a snapshot today but it will most likely be very late today. It will cover the Senate hearing. We'll close with this from Military Families Speak Out:

Call Congress TODAY! Defense Authorization Vote this week...

This week, the House of Representatives will be voting on the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It is critical for Congress to hear from military families and supporters. Along with continuing to fund the current wars, this bill takes a dangerous step towards creating a state of permanent war, giving the President full legal authority to send American troops to engage in acts of war anywhere without constitutionally required Congressional authorization and, consequently, without any restrictions or oversight from the American people or Congress.

More than 20 national organizations are participating in a call-in day to flood Capitol Hill with constituents calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please call your Representatives today, and forward this email to your friends and family.

Call your Representative today. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-231-9276, or find your elected officials by entering your zip code here.

Tell your Representative:

  • It's time to bring our troops home now.
  • Support ending the war in Afghanistan by co-sponsoring the resolution introduced by Representatives Jim McGovern (MA) and Walter Jones (NC): The Afghanistan Exit and Accountability Act H.R. 1735 which currently has 50 co-sponsors. And support or co-sponsor any amendment to the NDAA based on H.R. 1735.

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