Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Biden's going to Iraq, White House offers 10,000 troops to Iraq

Lara Jakes (AP) reports 10,000 is the number of US soldiers the White House is floating to Iraq to keep with an understanding that Iraq will respond by September to the offer. Jakes reports, "Already, though, the White House has worked out options to keep between 8,500 and 10,000 active-duty troops to continue training Iraqi security forces during 2012, according to senior Obama administration and U.S. military officials in interviews with The Associated Press."

Golly what will the lolly gals do now? Those Robert Parrys and Ray McGoverns and all the rest of the little one furiously shoving their hands down the front of their pants and moaning that Robert Gates is behind it all? What will the lolly gals do now that Robert Gates is gone? Maybe go back to that 'successful' 2009 plan: Blame Hillary. That worked out so well, didn't it?

It's hard to tell who does more damage to his reputation: Barack or the Cult of St. Barack. It was the Cult, for example, who wrote their little pieces and gave their little interviews blaming Hillary. Now Barack tries to insist he's a leader. And his Cult's spent all this time since he got into the White House robbing him of agency and pretending he had no control over any of the events.

This push to keep US forces on the ground in Iraq beyond 2011 wasn't covert, it wasn't under the radar from the White House. It was the plan. It was always the plan and it was the White House's plan.

A lot of sad little whores will have to invent new masturbatory material to get through their lonely, pathetic nights.

Al Rafidayn reports Ammar al-Hakim is calling for a series of "extended meetings" to discuss US troops remaining on the ground in Iraq beyond 2011. He wants the heads of all the political blocs to attend a general meeting to address the issue.

Aswat al-Iraq adds
that Joe Biden is supposed to be visiting Iraq shortly according to the Higher Islamic Council's Jalal al-Sagheer who states Biden is visiting "to resolve the questions related to the US withdrawal". Normally US visits are surprises and even the press is supposed to be hush-hush. It would appear some in Iraq who normally keep secrets are being rather talkative. Al Rafidayn reports Moqtada al-Sadr has heard of this visit "expected to take place over the next few days" and he's condemned it.

Meanwhile, last month Jalal's House Party accomplished nothing other than killing a Monday. Jalal hosted political leaders in an attempt to get them to agree to return to the Erbil Agreement that ended the political stalemate.

Reality: Nouri al-Maliki broke the Erbil Agreement.

Unless and until Nouri wants to follow it, it's not going to be followed. But Jalal issued statements after his House Party insisting the meeting was a success. Ayad Allawi skipped it but Jalal said it was a success. And Jalal insisted they'd be meeting again real soon. Dar Addustour reports Jalal is scheduling a new House Party for next week. Al Mada adds that Ayad Allawi has stated Nouri's government has failed to provide security and has failed to deliver basic services.

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