Friday, August 26, 2011

Mars Attacks Iraq

Yes, it sounds like a Tim Burton sequel as well as Paul Krugman's answer to the economic problem; however, Mars attacked Iraq.

The attack took place Sunday and no one has yet figured out whether a positronic ray or rockets were used. Some reports say 7 dead, the mayor of the area has said eight people were killed.

Clever souls, the Martians disguised their space ships as Turkish warplanes. Shamal Aqrawi (Reuters) has reported that "A Reuters witness said he saw six Turkish warplanes take off from a base in southeastern Turkey on Sunday morning but it was not immediately clear where the planes were headed."

The Martians might have gotten away with the attack, had the Turkish government not rushed forward today to insist they did not attack Zar Kali village on Sunday. But at last the truth is known. Myself, I suggest we dispatch Barbarella to combat the Martians -- provided Jane Fonda has time during the West Coast promotion of her new book out, Prime Time.

No, Mars didn't attack Iraq. But that's about as believable as the claims the Turkish government is making today.

Hurriyet Daily News reports, "Turkish General Staff released a press statement on Friday, refuting claims that it killed seven civilians during the bombing campaign against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, on Aug. 21, daily Hürriyet reported on its website." Today's Zaman adds that Turkey's Foreign Ministry "said in a statement released on Friday that reports of the alleged deaths of the civilians do not reflect the truth and that published images of people allegedly killed during the raids were fabricated."

Oh. Okay. So it wasn't Turkey. It was some other body doing the attack. Of course it was much too far to have been Iran (which is shelling another section of northern Iraq). So that really just leaves Mars. Unless of course the Turkish government is accusing the village of renting out a warplane and bombing itself?

Possibly that's exactly what they're saying since they're referring to "alleged deaths" and "published images of people allegedly killed"?

What's happened is that even the government of Turkey grasps that, for international purposes, their military has gone too far and there are too many people outraged around the world. But, as with the Armenian genocide, instead of acknowledging what happened and attempting to address it in an adult manner, the decision's been made to play the child's poker hand of "Did not!" to every charge leveled.

Ivan Watson (CNN) notes, " Iraq's foreign ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad on Thursday to deliver a diplomatic letter protesting Turkey's aerial and artillery bombardment of northern Iraq."

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We'll close with this from Anthony George's "On War, Obama Has Been Worse Than Bush" (

Another point I want to make is on Iraq. He wasn’t antiwar; he was always slippery on this war. I want to just relay a couple of interesting points.
In 2004, the position of the Democrats was always We shouldn’t have gone in; now we’re in, we’re going to have to get out one day, but it sure isn’t responsible to talk about getting out now, because we need to be responsible; we need to fix the country, and then we’ll get out.
In ’04, in the Chicago Tribune, Obama said, "There’s not much of a difference between my position on Iraq and George Bush’s position at this stage."
Throughout the years, he voted for war funding once he was senator, and he defended his votes. Presumably it would be wrong to defund an immoral war. And in 2008, Obama hailed the Iraq surge — a controversial policy harshly criticized by many Democrats the year before — going so far as to tell Bill O’Reilly that the surge "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

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