Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The fallen, the survivors

Stephanie Bertini (KRGV) reports the body of Sgt Estevan Altamirano is expected to arrive in Texas today, "An escorted procession will makes its way from McAllen to Edcouch. Viewing is scheduled Tuesday night at Rivera Funeral Home in McAllen. The funeral service is at 10:30 Wednesday morning at Abundant Grace Community Church in Edinburg. Altamirano will be laid to rest Wednesday afternoon at the State Veterans Cemetery in Mission." Last week started with the news of Altamirano's death, he was on his fourth deployment to Iraq.

This week started with the news of the death of Sgt Andy Caraballo Morales in Iraq. Arelis R. Hernandez (Orlando Sentinel) reports, "On the 2-month anniversary of the birth of his daughter, Sgt. Andy Caraballo Morales of Longwood died in Iraq." His survivors include his spouse Mariela Caraballo-Morales, their child Naiara Morales, the sergeant's mother and his five siblings. Sister Glorian Morales is quoted stating, "I am angry at the world, at the military, at myself. I'm angry at the things we had to live through and the constant struggle we faced. Even though he's gone, we all have a part of him that comes out in us.Sometimes it's his funny jokes or his temper . . . He's a hero and an awesome brother."

Meanwhile the Beloit Daily News reports on Iraq War veteran Chad Juno who was in a stand-off with police for six hours Friday night after he shot his gun outside his home and shot at police officers. At MSNBC, John Moore offers a photo essay on Iraq War veteran Brad Hammond as he interacts with his family and address his PTSD.

The Fayetteville Observer is currently doing a "Collateral damage" series. Greg Barnes reports on veterans appearing in court and we'll note this from John Ramsey's report on veterans readjusting to civilian life:

Homeless and feeling helpless, Joshua Crowell called Veterans Affairs to say he felt like killing himself.
Three months earlier, a friend had driven the 23-year-old Army veteran to the gates of Fort Bragg and dropped him off. Crowell had been booted out of the Army on an other-than-honorable discharge for misconduct.
"That meant I lost my college, I lost my unemployment, I lost everything I'd worked for," Crowell said.
On July 29, when police responded to his threat of suicide at a park in downtown Fayetteville, Crowell told them he wanted to jump off a bridge or into traffic.

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