Saturday, December 31, 2011

best of fall tv 2011 (rebecca)

rebecca here. c.i. said i should cross-post my post from last night ('minus the snapshot,' c.i. said) here and that not only was she suggesting that but that community members amanda and joan had e-mailed to recommend it be cross-posted. you'll see other cross-posts here today - 1 on movies and 1 on politics. so this is my post on tv with, at the end, my picks for the best performance, best writing and best shows of fall 2011 and i'm adding links to ava & c.i.'s reviews in that to freshen it up a bit from when this ran at my site last night. also let me note that stan blogs about 'the good wife' and 'body of proof' when new episodes air, betty also blogs about 'desperate housewifes' (also? she's mentioned in the post) and mike blogs about 'fringe' and 'nikita.' (and if i've forgotten some 1, it wasn't intentional. - oh, ruth! ruth will be be blogging about 'cougar town' when episodes begin airing. that's the show she covers at her site.)

best of fall tv 2011

i had an interesting e-mail about 'community' from a reader who wondered about other shows i might watch.

honestly, i am 1 of those people who turn on the tv all the time. i've written about that before. either the stereo or the tv is always on the background. i'm not 1 of those people who require silence.

there are a lot of shows i will watch. if i'm covering a show ('community' now - 'brothers & sisters' and 'heroes' in the past), i watch every episode. otherwise, it's touch and go.

i really love 'whitney' and i'll catch up on episodes i missed via betty, marcia and ann's coverage. they blog on it after the latest episode airs. i also like 'ringer' (ava and c.i. reviewed it 'TV: What Lies Beneath'). if i'm watching 'ringer,' i've got some spare time. so i'll pick up the phone and call my friend t and, if their new baby is down, she'll stay on the phone with me watching the episode and catching me up on what i missed because that's t's favorite show.

i like 'up all night.' i really like most of tv. i was a tv baby raised on tv.

i'll watch 'modern family' or 'the good wife' or 'body of proof' or 'nikita' or whatever. in fact, except for saturdays, there's probably something on tv each night that i could watch and enjoy.

i just don't have the time (or focus) to watch every thing. so right now i watch all episodes of 'community' to cover it here. in addition, i probably watch 2 hours of tv a week (if you count news that's a lot higher because i watch cnn during the day and 'the newshour' at night and often an evening newscast).

i'm excited that 'cougar town' comes back in a few weeks. i'll probably try to catch every episode of that.

it's the end of the year tomorrow so let me do some tv thing here. this is the best of the season so far, we'll call it best of fall tv.

best tv show drama: 'the good wife'

best actor drama: dylan mcdermott ('american horror story')

best actress drama: kathy bates ('harry's law')

best supporting actress drama: jessica lange ('american horror story')

best supporting actor drama: geoffrey arend ('body of proof')

best writing drama: 'american horror story'

best tv show comedy: 'whitney'

best actress comedy: (tie) whitney cummings ('whitney') and patricia heaton ('the middle')

best actor comedy: nick offerman ('parks and recreation')

best supporting actress comedy: maya rudolph ('up all night')

best supporting actor comedy: oliver hudson ('rules of engagement')

best comedy guest star: megan mullally (tammy 2, 'parks and recreation')

best comedy writing: 'happy endings'

best tv show action/suspense: 'nikita'

best action actress: sarah michelle geller ('ringer')

best action actor: mike colter ('ringer') [i think malcolm is the male lead; andrew is the arm candy and victor is the nemesis, that makes colter the lead actor]

best action supporting actress: cote de pablo ('ncis')

best action supporting actor: scott caan ('hawaii 5-0')

best action/suspense writing: 'nikita'


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