Friday, May 25, 2012

The broken promises of modern times

Whenever there's a chance that freedom might break out in Iraq, that the people might be heard, Nouri's brown shirts take to downtown Baghdad.  Nouri's little cult followed orders and hit the streets of downtown Baghdad this morning.  Alsumaria reports that the thug's thugs were out in full force, carrying signs supproting Nouri and insisting that anyone not supproting Thug Nouri was influenced by foreign countries.  They also threatened violence if Nouri was subjected to a no-confidence vote.  The easy dismissal is, "This is what happens from living under Saddam Hussein for all those years and this is due to the fact that these people are just no politically sophisticated."  But the reality is you see this nonsense everywhere.  In the US, from 2001 through 2006, you saw the thugs for Bush and the last four years have seen the thugs for Barack.  There are idiots mistake politiicans for something other than public servants and can't distinguish between the p.r. designed to churn out the vote and the reality of what various impletmented policies result in.  Iraqis aren't any less intelligent or more intellgient than citizens of democracies.  Instead, their actions really go to the commonality of humankind. 

Ayad Allawi, leader of Iraqiya, noticed what took place this morning.  Alsumaria reports that he charges Nouri with attempting to take the political crisis into the Iraqi street and to scare people into silence.  Allawi says that if there is any bloodshed, Nouri will be responsible.

Nouri's second term as prime minister did not result from the will of the Iraqi people, a democratic institution or the country's constitution.  All were shoved aside by the White House so that theirr puppet could get a second term as prime minister,  This was achieved by Nouri refusing to allow the clearly outlined (in the Iraqi Constitution) process following parliamentary elections to go forward and digging his heels in for eight months resulting in Political Stalemate I.  This ended, in November 2010, only when the US brokered the Erbil Agreement, a contract drawn up among the political blocs that allowed Nouri to have a second term in exchange for his concession on other issues.  Nouri used the Erbil Agreement to become prime minister and then he wiped his ass with the agreement.  Since last summer, the Kurds, Moqtada al-Sadr and Iraqiya have been publicly calling for a return to the Erbil Agreement.  Since the end of last year, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi have been calling for a national convention to address the political crisis.

The US government, specifially the White House (but not solely the White House) refuses to grasp the consequences of their actions.  They never should have backed known torturer Nouri for a second term.  Having made that mistake, they should have moved heaven and earth on the Erbil agreement.

This is exactly what pisses so many people around the world off in regards to the United States.  Promises were made and the US butted in to broker those promises.  But after their pet got what he and they wanted, they didn't give a damn about the agreement.  Backing Nouri and then walking away from the agreement is a typical US government move.  In Iraq, the various political blocs represent not only the officials but many of their supporters, in addition, there are Iraqis disgusted with the whole process and all Iraqi politicians who also feel the US has lied yet again, broken yet another promise and they're right.

This is what creates and stokes so much ill will towards the US.  And it takes place in one country after another.  The US government needs to stop making promises they have no intention of keeping.  With regards to Iraq, the White House has seriously alienated the Kurds and the Kurds had been the strongest ally the US had. 

What was Jalal Talabani handing his resignation to KRG President Massoud Barzani about?  It's amazing how little interest there is in the Kurds these days from the American press that was always so eager to report on "the other Iraq."  Talabani is seen as weak and untrustworthy.  He's seen as someone to quick to defeat Kurds own interests.  That image?  It's his own fault but it's also true that some of that image is a result of his believing too many promises from the US government and looking like a fool as a result.  We covered Barzani's speech in DC and we covered it because it was news.  It was a declaration of independence.  It was making very clear that the KRG wants friends and will gladly be friends with those who will enter true friendship but that the KRG will not allow themselves to be used the way they've been used in the past.  Barzani was very clear that the KRG had been betrayed and not just by Nouri but also by the US.

Moqtada's followers may feel the US went back on its word -- and it did, having brokered the Erbil Agreement, it was the US government's responsibility to support it -- but Moqtada's followers never thought highly of the US to begin with (nor did Moqtada).  They're angry and they've got a right to be.  But the Kurds aren't just angry, they're sad about being betrayed. 

Barack Obama promised change but delivered none. 

And forty years from now when our future generations are dealing with the fallout from this time period, apologist will emerge to make excuses for the US -- the same crowd that is currently silent right now.  But there's no excuse.  The US pushed that agreement, pimped it, demanded it.  Promised Iraqiya and the Kurds and others that it would be honored. 

The Kurds, to focus on them again, are not idiots.  Why in the world would they believe Nouri's promise to hold a census and referendum on Kirkuk?  Why in the world would they believe that in 2010?

Because the US government swore to them that this was a binding agreement and it would be followed.

Otherwise, the Kurds would have just rolled their eyes with the atttiude of: 'The Constitution said it had to be held by the end of 2007 -- Article 140 -- but Nouri ignored that in his first term.'

The only reason the promise now carried weight was because the US government vouched for it.

And now the US government refuses to demand that the Erbil Agreement be followed.

They don't even make the pretense of insisting on the agreement being followed.  And that feeds into the notion that the US government (the entire US) is dishonest, does not keep promises and is not to be trusted.  That's not a change in our international image.

It's really amazing how no one wants to be the adult in the room and address these issues.  You better believe that these Broken Promises -- on Iraq, on everything -- to other countries will haunt future generations.

As the political crisis grips Iraq, the US just can't stop betraying the people of Iraq as evidenced by this announcement issued by the Defense Dept late yesterday:

May 24, 2012

Joint Statement of the U.S. - Iraq Defense and Security Cooperation Joint Coordinating Committee

            The Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq reaffirmed their commitment to a strong and long-term security partnership between the two countries at the inaugural meeting of the Defense and Security Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) of the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA), from May 22-24, 2012. 
            The meetings, held at the U.S. Department of Defense following a meeting with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Acting Iraqi Minister of Defense Saadoun Al-Dlimi, were co-chaired by the Iraqi acting minister of defense and by the U.S. Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller, and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Miller.  Defense and security is one of the eight areas of cooperation agreed upon by Iraq and the United States under the 2008 SFA to strengthen cooperation in areas of critical interest to both countries.  The establishment of the Defense and Security Joint Coordinating Committee signifies both countries’ commitment to strengthen the U.S.-Iraqi strategic partnership and continue coordination and cooperation on these vital issues. 
            During three days of meetings, discussions were held on a number of items of mutual interest, including future sales of military equipment, joint military exercises, and Iraq’s strategy to ensure its future stability and security.  In support of an enduring partnership, the United States and the Government of Iraq expanded dialogue on ways of increasing strategic cooperation that would promote stability within Iraq as well as throughout the region.  The United States also reaffirmed its commitment to advancing Iraq’s stability through the training, equipping, and enhancing the capacity of Iraq’s armed forces for defense against external threats and for counterterrorism. 
            Both sides discussed ongoing and future security assistance.  In addition to an initial purchase of 18 F-16 aircraft in September 2011, during the meetings the Government of Iraq reconfirmed its interest in purchasing a second set of 18 F-16s and the United States reconfirmed its commitment to the sale.  The F-16s and other military equipment will help protect Iraq’s sovereignty, meet legitimate defense needs and symbolize the long-term security partnership envisioned by both countries.
            The United States commends the Iraqi security forces for their demonstrated capability to protect the Iraqi people and recognizes the continued sacrifice being made to ensure Iraq’s security.  The Iraqi security forces have made great strides in stabilizing the security situation in Iraq and in facilitating Iraq’s emergence as a strategic partner that promotes and contributes to regional security. 
            The United States and the Government of Iraq agreed that the next meeting of the Defense and Security Joint Coordinating Committee will be hosted by Iraq in Baghdad this fall.  The purpose of the second meeting will be to build upon the foundation laid out this week, and continue discussions on strengthening defense and security cooperation as part of the multifaceted relationship developed between the United States and the Government of Iraq.

Oh, yes, by all means, let's arm the thug that has Moqtada and others insisting that he must not be allowed to have a third term as prime minister.  And let's allow tight-with-Iran Nouri to have these F-16s so that Iran has the technology as well?  During the 80s, Reagan suggested the ridiculous Star Wars program.  A Republican friend (still in Congress) was all for it and for it being shared with all countries -- the technology.  There might be an argument to be made for sharing the F-16 techonology with all countries.  But I don't think there's a sound one to be made currently for sharing it with Iran.  I don't see the benefit in that.  That doesn't mean it's not there.   It may very well be there. But no one's addressed it.  We're a dumbed down nation encouraged to be ever dumber.  There are serious conversations that need to take place but instead Barack's offering bromides and "cow pies."  If all the little whorish partisans belonging to one of the two major political parties in the US (Republican and Democrat) could take a day off, allow their gas baggery to float out of the building allowing just a tiny bit of room for grown ups to talk seriously about real issues, it would be so helpful.

Jill Stein is running for the Green Party's presidential nomination.  Her campaign noted this week:

Six state Green parties completed their presidential primaries on Saturday, and all six voted strongly for Dr. Jill Stein. New York was the biggest win, with Stein winning 14 of 16 delegates. She also won 4 of 4 delegates at the Mississippi convention. Pennsylvania Greens completed their caucuses by awarding 4 of 7 delegates to Dr. Stein. In Tennessee, she won 2.5 of 4 delegates. In Minnesota, Stein won 4 of 7 delegates. And in Roseanne Barr's home state of Hawai'i, Jill Stein won 2 of 4 delegates. Greens are united across the country in voting for Jill Stein as their 2012 presidential nominee. She has won 50% or more of the vote in all 22 state primaries, caucuses, and conventions so far, and in 16 of those primaries she won over 67% of the vote.
For the full set of primary results to date, see:

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