Monday, May 28, 2012

Ruth's Report

Ruth: NPR provides basic news with a corporatist tilt.  Panhandle Media has gone so far off the rails that listening to Pacifica Radio is pretty much pointless.  If President Barack Obama is unsuccessful in his efforts at re-election, it might return to reality but, even if that happens, nothing will ever vanish how they spent over four years as a propaganda outlet for the White House, spending each day ranting about Repbulicans to distract from the continued shredding of the Constitution, the increased Drone War, the illegal Lybian War, and so much more.  It was especially ridiculous prior to 2011.  At that point, Democrats controlled the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  No wars ended, no occupations ended, Guantanamo Bay did not close, no public works effort was made to help the many who had lost jobs, the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act was not repealed (and would be renewed in early 2011), immigration deportations went up under President Obama, more whistle blowers were targeted by the government, and yet there was Kris Welch wasting every Thursday and Friday with a band of mindless zombies whining about Republicans, tarring them as racists, whining incessantly while pretending that Democrats did not control all the reigns of power to justify the fact that no part of our long hoped for liberal agenda was implemented, to pretend that Mr. Obama was not taking the destruction of democracy even further than the Bully Boy Bush had.

With that as a standard, NPR can look like a giant.  Briefly.  Only briefly.  Because they will forever reveal themselves as a generic but sub-standard news outlet.

Like last week when Robert Siegel embarrassed himself fawning over Iraq War Criminal Colin Powell on All Things Considered.

SIEGEL: In this book, you write what you describe as your first and last account of the famous presentation to the U.N. Security Council on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, weapons that turned out not to exist. First of all, it's pretty clear from your writing about this, this still rankles. I mean, this episode is something that you haven't been able to completely leave behind.

POWELL: Oh, I'll never leave it behind, because it was the most vivid presentation of the intelligence information that we had. And it was designed to be the most vivid presentation. That's why we did it at the U.N., and I spent a great deal of time getting that presentation ready. And so everybody sort of remembers that. But the case for war was being made over a period of months and had been accepted by the president, by all the world leaders, and certainly by an overwhelming vote of the Congress. But nevertheless, I will always be the one that saw to, hey, he presented it to the U.N. And when I presented it to the U.N., I had every assurance from the intelligence community that the information I had was correct. Turned out not to be. Some of it turned out not to be.

SIEGEL: You write that the draft that you and then-CIA Director Tenet were presented with hadn't actually come through the National Security Council at the White House. It came through - it came from Vice President Cheney's office.

POWELL: That's right. But I didn't know that at the time. 

And the crap never ended.  I have sat through Joan Crawford films that contained less self-righteous, cross climbing.  Like a paid escort, Mr. Siegel agreed with everything Mr. Powell said, never stopping to point out the reality that within hours of Colin The Blot Powell's presentation, it was already being debunked.  He never stopped to point out how War Criminal Powell was practicing revisionary history.

Mr. Siegel whored like crazy to promote Mr. Powell's bad book.  In fact, he whored so much that he talked to Mr. Powell about 'his' book repeatedly never once noting that the book has a billed co-author: Tony Koltz. 

That is how extreme the whoring was.