Thursday, August 02, 2012

5 dead, 8 wounded in attacks so far today

AFP reports that there was an attack on a police patrol in Taji yesterday which led to the deaths of four police officers and that there was an attack on a Taji prison in which four other police officers were killed.  Alsumaria reports that the attack started with a bombing at the gate and then assailants stormed the prison where they clashed with prison guards -- they state officials have not released the death tolls -- and they remind something similar happened in Baghdad Tuesday when a car bombing outside the counter-terrorism center was followed by assailants attempting to storm the center leading to five deaths and twenty-seven people being injured.  The supposed goal behind the Tuesday attack was to break out forty terrorists including leadership.  Of the Tuesday attack, Al Mada notes that there were six suicide bombers outside the center who detonated before assilants attempted to storm the counter-terrorism center. Meanwhile Alsumaria reports that this morning a Baghdad attack using three bombs have left 4 police officers dead and four more injured.  All Iraq News reports there has been an armed attack on the Diyala headquarters of Sahwa ("Awakening," "Sons of Iraq") which has claimed the life of 1 and left four more injured.

With July is now seen as the deadliest month in two years, Nouri's government is eager to change the topic and are instead trying to steer the focus to oil.  Kadhim Ajrash and Nayla Razzouk (Bloomberg News) report, "Iraq's crude exports in July rose for the third consecutive month to an average of 2.52 million barrels a day, generating sales of $7.5 billion, the head of the country's State Oil Marketing Organization said."  AFP adds, "Iraq's revenues from oil, which account for the lion's share of the country's income, were up by about $1 billion in July compared to the month before, an oil ministry spokesman said on Wednesday."  The announcement will most likely lead Moqtada al-Sadr's bloc to further question the Ministry of Finance's assertion earlier this week that there was no oil surplus revenues to distribute among the Iraqi people.  Meanwhile Reuters notes the KRG is stating they will cease exporting oil if Nouri's government "does not make all outstanding payments" owed to the KRG for oil.

All Iraq News notes Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey's Foreign Minister, arrived in Erbil yesterday on a regional visit and today he is visting Kirkuk.  The outlet states he may visit Baghdad.  Al Mada notes that Davutoglu was received yesterday by Kurdish Regional Government, the Minister of the Interior, the Governor of Erbil and other dignataries.  Click here for a photo of KRG President Massoud Barzani receving Davutoglu and the KRG press release notes that the two addressed the relationship between their two gvoernments (which has seen increased friendship, the release notes) and discussed economic and energy partnerships as well as the situation in Syria.

In other news, President Barzani has a response to Nouri's whisper campaign.  Earlier this week, State of Law was whispering to the press that Barzani would be called before Parliament for questioning.  Then the Speaker of Parliament's office weighed in noting that no such request had been made.  Al Mada reports today that Barzani states he's more than ready to appear before Parliament and answer questions if called.  This not only allows Barzani to appear open to the Iraqi people, it also underscores that Nouri's ongoing refusal to appear before Parliament for questioning is in violation of the Constitution.

Ian and Kimberly Wilder run the independent On The Wilder SideBrandon e-mailed to point out that Ian has several events kicking off this weekend.  We're noting Ian's "Ian's August 2012 week-long tour" but if you use the link and visit the site, you'll also be able to see photos:

Ian Wilder is emceeing the Saturday evening portion of the Welcome to Boog City music and poetry festival.  The evening kicks off with Colia Clark whose lifetime of activism spans from being the former Special Assistant to martyred civil rights leader Medgar W. Evers to being the 2012 Green Party US Senate candidate in NY.  Then, we are treated to some of the best poets in the country:  David Henderson, Sam Donsky, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, Soham Patel, and  Dawn Lundy Martin. Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave. Free.

Sun. 8/5/12 6:30pm Poetry Theatre in Manhattan.  

Ian & Ki Wilder take part in Boog Poets’ Theatre. They play a bickering couple in Radomir Vojtech Luza’s The Blood Will Murder Roses.  (You know you all want to see us play a bickering couple — especially Matt L.)  We saw the rehearsals, so we know that the evening will be full of talented playwrights and actors. More rehearsal photos.  Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A. $5 suggested.

Sun. 8/12/12 3pm Spoken Word in Greenlawn.

Ian Wilder is the opening poetry act in a day full of amazing music The Folk-Groovin’ Café Summerfest II: Marci Geller, Bill Jantz and the Honey Baked Hobos, Walter Sargent, Glenn Pettit, and Jim Frazzitta. A backyard festival of epic proportions! Guests are encouraged to bring some food (burgers, snacks, etc) or beverages (beer, wine, etc) if they are so inclined. It is not required. There will be a working grill! Park on street. Summerfest is in backyard, behind the white cottage. Lawn seating—bring lawn chair or blanket. 631-368-1920 (Please call if weather is questionable.) 5 Stratford Ave., Greenlawn, NY. $10 (at event, includes FREE CD Raffle & refreshments)

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