Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nouri wants planes now! Barack appeases tyrant

Tuesday, Gen Martin Dempsey, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, traveled to Baghdad.  With all the problems in Iraq, you might think Dempsey was there to use 'soft power' and press for aims that involved something other than murder.  You would be wrong.

Sunday's New York Times boasted  James Risen and Duraid Adnan's "U.S. Says Iraqis Are Helping Iran to Skirt Sanctions" about the White House's knowledge that Iraq is helping Iran "skirt economic sanctions" and how Barack was "not eager for a public showdown with Nouri." But Dempsey rejected the notion that he'd even raise that issue when he spoke to Dan De Luce (AFP), "The four-star general said he would not press the Iraqi government on reports that it may be allowing Iran to ferry supplies to the Syrian regime through Iraqi territory or helping Tehran circumvent financial sanctions."

As the whispers at the State Dept grow louder about another secret prison in Baghdad run by Nouri's forces, you might think Dempsey explored that issue but you would be wrong there too.  Nor were the rights of prisoners -- many of whom have been held for years without trial -- addressed.

Though Gen Ray Odierno frequently had to address the political situation with Nouri when Odierno was the top US commander in Iraq and though Iraq is in the midst of a political crisis initiated by Nouri's refusal to honor the Erbil Agreement (after he used it to get his second term as prime minister), Dempsey had no interest in raising that issue either.

So what was the purpose of his visit?

To dangle the F-16s not to get concessions for human rights but to use it for war and blood and murder.  All Iraq News reports the focus of his visit, the purpose, was to press Nouri al-Maliki to support war on Syria.  The National Alliance spills about that   And if you're thinking, "Well surely the State Dept . . ."  KUNA reports, "Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received a phone call from the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and they discussed the latest developments on the Syrian Front." All Iraq News also notes the exchange and how it revolved around Syria.  The historical record will show that each time the administration could have stood up for Iraqis, they instead pressed Nouri to support them with a war.

That tells you everything you need to know about the Barack Obama administration.  Now it's not the sort of fluff that Jane Mayer now churns out in her role of Administration Ugly Lay so Terry Gross will never discover it, but it is reality.  (Today on Fresh Air, tired whores Jane and Terry will pass off Barack's bad manners and lack of social graces as evidence that he's not influenced by big money.  That's not what Jane's 'report' actually found but when you're old and ugly -- as Jane and Terry are -- you whore in the hopes that it will prolong your useless careers a few years more.)  (When an NPR friend called to ask if I could work in a 'shout out' to Jane's appearance on Terry's show this morning, I seriously doubt that's what he was hoping for. And for more on Sad Jane, see this post by Elaine and this one by Ruth.)  Always remember, Jane only gave a damn about Guantanamo being open when a Republican was in the White House. Which is why her 'scope' today is more akin to that of Tiger Beat for Politicians.)

Barack is a spoiled child so it's no surprise that when he manages to pull Nouri al-Maliki off his nipple, Nouri's just as spoiled.  Tuesday,  AFP reported US officials are stating that the first of 36 F-16s will be delivered to Iraq in September 2014.  This was conveyed to Nouri.  However, AFP reports today that Nouri's spokesperson Ali Mussawi is insisting that the F-16s will arrive, at least 18 of them, by March of next year.  This is not a simple matter of bickering with Amazon over their use of ground mail for delivery.

March 2013 is an important period to the United Nations and many Iraq watchers.  It is when provincial elections are supposed to take place; however, there is no real push to pass the needed elections law or to resolve the issue of the Electoral Commission.

 So instead of being a leader and addressing it, Barack will live in denial?  He wanted the job, why's it so damn hard for him to do the work required?  If he can't go toe-to-toe with a flunky the US-installed under Bush and that he (Barack) made sure got a second term inspite of the vote count and the Constitution, what kind of leader is Barack? The US government sought the sanctions against Iran.  The US president knows they're being ignored and he's too chicken to confront Nouri?

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