Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now they take away Tareq's salary?

This week, Iraq's prime minister and thug Nouri al-Maliki has been in Russia making arms deals.  Al Jazeera observes (link is text and video), "Iraq has now become the second-largest importer of Russian arms, after India.And in turn, after the US, Russia is the world's largest arms exporter. It supplies weaponry to 55 countries. Its total exports this year is worth $13.5bn, which is 19 per cent of the annual arms trade." Alsumaria reports that MP Abbas al-Byati (of Nouri's State of Law political slate) declared today that Iraq maintains its 'special relationship' with Russia.  This is the second public statement in the last 24 hours from State of Law insisting the 4.2 billion dollar deal is not to be seen as a snub of the US.  If sequestration kicks in, even more people are going to be asking exactly how Barack managed to screw up a realtionship with a US created puppet?

At the State Dept yesterday, spokesperson Victoria Nuland appeared eager to prove she could lie about things other than Libya:

QUESTION: Yes. I wonder if you could comment on the military sale deal with – between Iraq and Russia. Because last week I asked about the – what kind of sales are in the pipeline and why they are taking so long. I’m talking about the FMF – the military sales to Iraq program, the American military sale. But it seems that they are taking a step ahead and concluding a deal with Russia.

MS. NULAND: Well, first of all, with regard to U.S.-Iraqi military support, Iraq overall has initiated some 467 foreign military sales cases with the United States. If all of these go forward, it will be worth over $12.3 billion, so obviously our own military support relationship with Iraq is very broad and very deep.
We’ve seen the press reporting that one of the subjects on Prime Minister Maliki’s agenda for his Moscow trip is military sales, but I’ll have to send you to the Russians for what it is in particular they’re talking about.

QUESTION: But aren’t you at least annoyed that Iraq, after so much U.S. investment in blood and treasure, is actually going to conduct a deal or sign a deal with Russia on – over military sales going back – a throwback to the Cold War era?

MS. NULAND: Again, Said, we’re doing some $12.3 billion worth of military business with Iraq, so I don’t think one needs to be concerned about that relationship being anything but the strongest. With regard to what they may be seeking from the Russians, I would send you to the Russians and to the Iraqis.

QUESTION: Could it be that the Iraqis are frustrated with the lack of delivery of these arms sales that are actually signed and supposedly in the pipeline?

MS. NULAND: I can’t speak to whether they’re actually going to make any deals, whether they’re going to come any faster, but we have a very broad and deep relationship going forward.

QUESTION: A follow-up on Iraq, too. There are reports that Iraq is supplying Syria with oil as part of a one year deal reached in June, and the value is $14 million. Do you have anything on this?

MS. NULAND: We’re not in a position to confirm this report. We’re seeking more information from the Iraqis. But in the press reporting that we did see, it appears to be a relatively small sale of fuel oil of the kind that’s only useful for power generation, and not something that would be subject to sanctions of any kind. So we’re inquiring with the Iraqis, but it appears to be relatively small-bore.

If sequestration kicks in, you better believe it will be a lot harder for Victoria to spin the the billions that didn't go to US manufacturers without being laughed at. The defense industry is big business in the United States.  And losing a 4 billion dollar deal to Russia?  That's jobs lost in the American defense industry -- one already afraid sequestration will kick in and will result in massive layoffs.  And that's before you factor in that Nouri goes next to the Czech Republic where, on Thursday, he's supposed to sign another billion dollar deal.

Meanwhile Alsumaria report that it has been decided to stop the salary and government allowance of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi.  Tareq was convicted in abstentia by a kangaroo court September 9th.  Nouri charged Tareq with 'terrorism' in what was most likely Nouri's never ending war on his political rivals.  Though he's now been stripped of his salary, Tareq has not been stripped of his office.  He remains Vice President al-Hashemi.  Not only does that upset Nouri (it's a sign of hos Nouri's not as popular as that fraudlent US government 'poll' tried to make him), but it also goes to the Constitution.  While Tareq is Vice President, he can't be put on trial.  It was a kanagroo court, no question -- the judges announced last February, before the trial started, that he was guilty -- but the proceedings were unconstitutional.  It can be argued that, as a result, there is no conviction against Tareq al-Hashemi.

All Iraq News reports that the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, met with the Gernman ambassador today at al-Hakim's Baghdad office.  That's a good reason to note that Barack Obama nominated four people to be US Ambassador to Iraq -- all men. (Chris Hill, James Jeffrey, Brett McGurk and Robert Beecroft -- all but McGurk were confirmed.) 

Not once did Barack nominate a woman.  Four nominees.  This from the man who told a California audience this week that women are the best deciders about their own bodies or -- prefer for the 'chuckle' he just knew was coming -- that's what Michelle tells him.  (Yes, that is a sexist piece of crap.  But that's Barack for you.)  Barack: "[. . .] we haven’t talked about the fact that my opponent feels comfortable with Washington making decisions about women’s health care that women, Michelle tells me, are perfectly capable of making themselves." That's from his October 8th speech in Los Angeles.

And Germany?


That's from their Iraq Embassy page.  Last picture is the ambassador with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Ambassador Brita Wagener.  Germany could find a woman qualified to be an ambassador to Iraq. 

But that's the difference between Germany today and the US today.  Barack can't understand that crazy 'other' even with Michelle explaining.

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