Monday, November 05, 2012

The War Criminal that refuses to go into hiding


From May 13, 2007, that's Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Exit the Poodle."  Sadly, you feed a stray and they never leave.

Motivated always by greed, the man who killed Labour and replaced it with New Labour (corporate friendly, people  averse), just can't take a hint.  There is nothing Tony Blair has to say worth hearing -- which includes his talking about the 'religious' ceremony where he and his wife rubbed dirt and fruit on their bodies and mewed at one another like bovines.

But he stands convinced that if he just talks enough, if he spews massive words, people will either suddenly agree with him or be bored into submission.

So the War Criminal hits the news cycle today -- a news cycle that so rarely hits back -- and the only thing of note is the thing not mentioned: Was the whore paid by the whore or by the act.

Neither AP nor Rowena Mason (Telegraph of London) answer that question.  They also avoid informing readers of what group exactly he spoke to, leaving it as "business leaders" and "a London business conference."  That's just not right -- I thought we had progressed beyond the point where whores gut busted and their johns were allowed to walk.  Apparently not.

But if Sydney Biddle-Barrows, Heidi Fleiss  and bad TV movies have taught us anything, it's look for the little black book.  It can be found at Tony Blair's online office where its revealed that he was speaking "to the Iraq Britain Business Council's 4th London Conference."

You can find his full speech at the previous link.  We'll note this section, "So these are all compelling reasons for Britain and British investment to be part of Iraq’s future. But, naturally, in addition, to the economic and industrial reasons, British forces helped liberate Iraq from Saddam and for years with much heroism and sacrifice helped Basrah survive the sectarian aftermath. They should be proud of what they achieved. "

Tone Deaf Tony, never grasping how that plays.  Most people hearing that will probably go to the June report about efforts in the UK to ensure that those who tortured Iraqis not be legally punished.  From Russia Today:

In 2003, dozens of men were allegedly hooded, stripped and beaten in secret camps across Iraq. One innocent civilian has reportedly died aboard a Royal Air Force helicopter, and a group of 63 others are still considered missing after being taken to another secret prison located in an oil pump station.
The shocking revelation is worsened by the fact that these events – which, if proven true, are clear violations of international law – were apparently sanctioned by top lawyers in the British Ministry of Defense, and kept secret from the Army's lawyer on the ground in Iraq.
Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Mercer, the chief British Army lawyer in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, told the Mail on Sunday that what went on in this secret prison network amounted to "war crimes."

Doubt that most will go there?  Kitbat already has today.  They're noting that and they haven't even filed a report yet on Tony Blair's little speech.

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