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CPJ looks the other way as Nouri threatens Fakhri Karim

The Iraqi press is among the most targeted in the world.  Unless, of course, you're the so-called "Committee to Protect Journalists" which maintains today:

Iraq: In a country with an impunity rating far worse than anywhere else in the world, there were no new murders this year. However, justice has not been served in a single one of the 92 murders recorded by CPJ over the past decade.

I almost called them out last week but we ended up with more than enough targets, didn't we?  So instead, I just griped out a friend with CPJ about their figures.  No, not the murder of the Iraqi female journalist which they have ignored.

I called him out about the crap on this CPJ page:

Deadliest Countries in 2012

  1. Syria: 28
  2. Somalia: 12
  3. Pakistan: 7
  4. Brazil: 4
  5. Russia: 1
  6. Thailand: 1
  7. Nigeria: 1
  1. Egypt: 1
  2. India: 1
  3. Iran: 1
  4. Ecuador: 1
  5. Mexico: 1
  6. Bangladesh: 1
  7. Bahrain: 1

Where's Iraq?

It should be number four if CPJ had done their damn job but they can't do their damn job.  So they can't acknowledge the five deaths in 2012.  But they do acknowledge four so it should be tied at number four with Brazil.

Scroll down further on the same CPJ page (motive unconfirmed on these killings) and I'm adding a "*" to the Iraq murders.

Samir al-Sheikh Ali, Al-Jamahir al-Baghdadiya

   *  November 17, 2012, in Baghdad, Iraq *

Abdirahman Mohamed, Ciyaarahamaanta

     September 27, 2012, in Mogadishu, Somalia

Chaitali Santra, Freelance

     September 26, 2012, in South Baksara, India

Eddie Jesus Apostol, DXND Radio

     September 1, 2012, in Sultan sa Barongis, Philippines

Bara'a Yusuf al-Bushi, Freelance

     August 11, 2012, in Al-Tal, Syria

Ghazwan Anas, Sama Mosul

  *    July 31, 2012, in Mosul, Iraq *

Falah Taha, Freelance

     July 14, 2012, in Damascus, Syria

Ali Juburi al-Kaabi, Al-Zawraa

     July 14, 2012, in Jaramana, Syria

Víctor Manuel Báez Chino, Milenio and Reporteros Policiacos

     June 13 or 14, 2012, in Xalapa, Mexico

Marco Antonio Ávila García, El Regional de Sonora and El Diario de Sonora

     May 17 or 18, 2012, in Guaymas, Mexico

Ángel Alfredo Villatoro, Radio HRN

     May 15, 2012, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Aurangzeb Tunio, Kawaish Television Network

     May 10, 2012, in Lalu Ranwak, Pakistan

Nestor Libaton, DXHM Radio

     May 8, 2012, in Mati, Philippines

Gabriel Huge Córdova, Freelance

     May 2 or 3, 2012, in Boca del Rio, Mexico

Guillermo Luna Varela, Veracruznews

     May 2 or 3, 2012, in Boca del Rio, Mexico

Regina Martínez Pérez, Proceso

     April 28, 2012, in Xalapa, Mexico

Aldion Layao, DXRP Radio

     April 8, 2012, in Davao, Philippines

Yadav Poudel, Avenues TV, Rajdhani Daily, and Mechi Times

     April 3, 2012, in Birtamode, Nepal

Kamiran Salaheddin, Salaheddin Channel

   *  April 2, 2012, in Tikrit, Iraq *

Their list is missing Ziyad Tarek (not the 2007 death which is what the CPJ friend and I went round and round about).  Al-Shorfa reported on Ziyad Tarek's November 2012 death noting that he was killed in Baqubah -- a sticky bomb attached to his car -- that would be murder, CPJ, and that he was "the main news anchor" at the Diyala satellite TV station.

Here's Reporters Without Borders on the Iraq deaths -- click on "Iraq" on the list to see the names:

  • 17 November 2012 - Samir Sheikh Ali - "Al-Jamahir Al-Baghdadiya" editor in chief
  • 14 November 2012 - Ziyad Tarek - Diyala TV
  • 30 July 2012 - Ghazwan Anas - Sama Al-Mossoul TV presenter
  • 2 April 2012 - Kamiran Salaheddin - Salahaddin TV

You'll note that they include Ziyad Tarek.  On the phone last week, I was told I was confused and that I was referring to Ziad Tarek al-Dibo who died in 2007.  No, I wasn't confused.  CPJ is obvioulsy confused.  Ziad Tarek al-Dibo did die in October 2007.  But that is not the November 2012 death that was reported last month.

As I said on the phone, you're supposed to be a professional outlet and you can't even get your facts straight and you're telling me you're not going to write an alert on Nouri closing the satellite station by force, with the Iraqi military?

And, yes, that's what I was being told.  They still haven't reported on it.  They want attention for their latest 'report' -- that can't even include the number dead in Iraq (the report would leave you with the impression that NO journalist died in Iraq this year) -- and they can e-mail and call on that but they can't get their damn facts right.  And they want to be taken seriously?

As noted in yesterday's snapshot, the satellite channel Baghdadi was closed down Friday after Nouri had his soldiers storm the offices.   We noted twice last week that Fakhri Karim is being targeted by Nouri -- Nouri's office issued a statement this week attacking the Al Mada editor -- because Karim believes Iraq can be and should be everything outlined in the country's Constitution.  For that, for faith in Iraq's future, Karim is being publicly attacked by Nouri al-Maliki.  Why are we able to note what CPJ isn't?

I haven't begged for a penny and don't plan to.  But CPJ sure begs for pennies.  And then after that they can't do their job?

Al Mada reports today that Fakhri Karim has received orders to evacuate his home immediately -- military orders.  And to try to enforce them, Nouri sent a convoy of troops to Fakhri's home.  Kitabat points out that Fakhri was calling on Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to intervene and get the order rescinded.  That's not happening now because Jalal's in the hospital from an apparent stroke.

So Fakhri can't count on Jalal for health reasons.  What exactly are the reasons that he can't count on CPJ?

Cowardice?  Being a _____ coward?  Is that what's going on?

In case CPJ is confused, their name is the Committee to Protect Journalists.

At what point do they plan to do that?

How long do they plan to bury their heads in the sand?

Fakhri is in serious danger and CPJ can't and won't do a damn thing?

This is beyond embarrassing, this is shameful.

They better hope to hell that Fakhri isn't imprisoned, injured or worse because if that happens, they've just been exposed as cowardly dilettantes.

Violence in Iraq continues today.  Alsumaria notes that MP Qutaiba Jubouri and Salahuddin Province Governor Ahmed Abdullah were targeted with a car bombing outside of Tikrit -- both survived, apparently without any injuries. All Iraq News notes 1 police officer was shot dead during an attack in Mosul today and they note 1 member of Jabour tribal clan was shot dead in Mosul as wellAlsumaria also notes a Mosul roadside bombing which injured three people.  All Iraq News is reporting that a car bomb has gone off in Karbala.  (They're also reporting that Jalal Talabani's office denies issuing a statement stating President Talabani has passed away and that Jalal's office has issued a statement maintaining that Talabani's health is improving.)  In addition, Alsumaria notes the Anbar police found a car bomb in Falluja and detonated it.

Kitabat reports that, according to Nineveh Province Governor Ethel Nujaifi, a young girl was raped by a lieutenant in the Iraqi military.  A judge ordered the officer's arrest but the Iraqi military has refused to turn him over.  The Ministry of Defense is the one refusing.  (The Ministry of Defense is headed by Nouri al-Maliki since he refused to nominate someone for the post and allow Parliament to confirm the nomineee.) Still on the topic of rape, Kitabat reports that Iraqiya MP Hamid al-Mutlaq revealed today that federal prosecutors have presented pre-liminary evidence to the Supreme Judicial Council that, prosecutors argue, prove that women are being raped and tortured in Iraqi prisons.  As we noted when this scandal was breaking, Nouri has been very lucky and able to walk away from many scandals unscathed but Iraqis will not let this one pass by.  Instead of attacking those who brought it up publicly, Nouri should have been announcing that he was addressing it and fixing it. 

The following community sites -- plus Adam Kokesh, Black Agenda Report, Pacifica Evening News, Antiwar.com and Jody Watley -- updated yesterday and today:

Jody Watley Classic Photo of The Day.
18 hours ago 
US Senator Daniel Inouye passed away yesterday.  We'll again note the statements issued yesterday evening by the Chairs of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committee.  Senator Patty Murray is the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

December 17, 2012
CONTACT: Murray Press Office
(202) 224-2834
Senator Murray's Statement on the Passing of Senator Inouye
"Danny Inouye was an American hero of the highest order.  As a soldier he broke barriers with his heroism, as a proud Hawaiian he committed his life's work to serving the people of his state, and as a legislator he earned the admiration of everyone he worked with on both sides of the aisle, including me.
"He will be particularly missed among the people of the Pacific Northwest, many of whom will never realize the enduring legacy he has had in investing in our infrastructure, bolstering our economy, and keeping our military installations strong.
"When the truly remarkable Senators of our time are discussed Senator Inouye's name will always be right at the top.  He gave everything he had for his country and for the state he served since being elected its very first Congressman.
"My thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this difficult time.  I also know that in time all that he achieved and stood for will be appropriately honored and celebrated here in Washington D.C. and back in Hawaii."
Matt McAlvanah
Communications Director
U.S. Senator Patty Murray
202-224-2834 - press office
202--224-0228 - direct
US House Rep Jeff Miller is the Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. 
I am saddened by the news this evening of Senator Inouye's passing.  He was one of the last World War II veterans in Congress, and a leading veteran advocate for more than 50 years.  His selfless service to our nation dates back well before his time on Capitol Hill, where in hard battle on the fields of Italy in 1945 his actions resulted in being bestowed the Medal of Honor.  With his passing, we remember the bravery and dedication of the Greatest Generation, and with each day that sets, we mourn all who battled through this life to find reward in the next.

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