Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nouir's failures

Alsumaria reports a development that may be bad news for Nouri al-Maliki as well as for western news outlets: A protest has been called for Friday (Moqtada al-Sadr has added his endorsement) and the focus of the protest: Women prisoners.

We noted the issue of what's happening to Iraqi women was not going away.  It has the potential to do more damange to Nouri than anything else.  The torture and rape allegations do not reflect well on Nouri -- torture and rape of women in Iraqi prisons and detention centers.  Nouri is over the Minister of Interior -- having failed to nominate anyone for the post, he can't even claim Parliament blocked his nominee.  He has been prime minister for six years.  He can't pretend that this developed on someone else's watch.  What is said to be taking place is the sort of thing that Iraqis found appalling under Saddam Hussein and for Nouri to be overseeing it today -- either due to ignorance or cruelty -- damns him and his tenure as prime minister in the eyes of many.

For the western press that has ignored this developing story in Iraq since October, the protest would present other difficulties.  Do they finally explain what's been going on?  Do they file a report where they act as if the charges just emerged?  Or do they report on the protests generically and never mention that the protests were called on behalf of Iraqi women who have been detained in prisons or detention centers?

It'll be interesting to see how the western press resolves their quandry.

Nouri's inability to address the crumbling infrastructure in his first term as prime minister and in his second term so far is felt in many ways such as in the deaths from rains in Diyala Province.  Alsumaria reports 4 deaths -- including two sisters, one 12 and one 18.

From harm by neglect to harm by violence, All Iraq News notes 1 Iraqi soldier was killed in an armed attack in Mousl.  Alsumaria adds a roadside bombing outside of Tikrit left two Iraqi military personnel injured and Turkish war planes bombed Dohuk Province (in their endless pursuit of the PKK -- the bombings of northern Iraq do nothing to bring peace) and they launched "dozens" of rockets.

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