Monday, January 28, 2013

Nouri and State of Law try to smear the dead

omar bin ali
That's Omar bin Ali and his daughter.  Kitabat runs the photo on their website today.  He is one of the protesters shot dead in Falluja on Friday.

7 protesters died, over 60 were injured, while attempting to protest Friday in Falluja.  Three of the dead were shot in the head.  Some were engaged in a sit-in. They've already been smeared by Nouri al-Maliki as terrorists but the attacks on the dead never end.

Yet as Al Mada reports State of Law is attempting to say the dead were killed -- justifiably killed -- because they were chanting for an end to the Iraqi government.  So State of Law is claiming that if people allegedly say things you disagree with, you can shoot them?

This is  part of a non-stop assault on the protesters.   Omar bin Ali is dead.  Smearing his name?  They should be ashamed of themselves.

The Iraq Times reports that two people with the No Retreat Friday protests are bringing a lawsuit against Nouri al-Maliki as commander in chief and Minister of Defense and Saadoun al-Dulaimi as 'acting' Minister of Defense.

Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha has already called for Nouri to turn over the soldiers who did the shooting by the end of the week.  Today the Sheikh tells Al Mada that he believes the violence was premeditate and planned because Nouri had declared on TV that the demonstration would be targeted.

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