Monday, February 04, 2013

Nadir remains imprisoned in Nouri's Iraq


That's French journalist Nadir Dendoune (screen snap via STOP LE CONTROLE AU FACIES.FR). From last Monday's snapshot:


As we noted this morning, Nadir  Dendoune, who holds dual Algerian and Australian citizenship was covering Iraq for the fabled French newspaper Le Monde's monthly magazine.  His assignment was to document Iraq 10 years after the start of the Iraq War.   Alsumaria explains the journalist was grabbed by authorities in Baghdad last week for the 'crime' of taking pictures.  (Nouri has imposed a required permit, issued by his government, to 'report' in Iraq.)  All Iraq News adds the journalist has been imprisoned for over a week now without charges.

Nadir is the latest journalist to be targeted in Nouri's Iraq.   A petition calling for his release has already gathered 15,594 signatures and a Facebook page has been created to show support for himThe Journalistic Freedoms Observatory in Iraq, Reporters Without Borders and The Committee to Protect Journalists have called for his release.

Alsumaria reported Sunday that the Association for the Defence of Press Freedom was demanding Nadir's release and stating that his arrest exceeds the law and is unconstitutional.  Al Mada adds that
 Australia's Foreign Ministry has expressed concern via Australia's Embassy in Baghdad.  AFP quotes Muayad al-Lami who heads the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate stating that he was questioned by the police on Sunday "and today he should be presented before a judge.  Hopefully he will be released this week."  However, in an update AFP reveals that the appearance has been postponed -- supposedly it will take place tomorrow.

If you're looking for something to listen to, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox features Michael Parenti as the guest.  That's much more productive than what I'll call Radio Dateline covering a 24-year-old case -- poorly covering, forgetting to include the press involvement.   The difference being the Dateline crew does know how to have fun (see Ava and my "TV Review: Dateline New York ... Warm Fuzzy" from 2005) whereas the prigs covering a 24-year-old case on public radio this morning are just interested in playing tired games and avoiding commenting on actual cases that need attention right now to instead offer grandpas with tired stories about yesterday many decades ago  (yes, the episode focuses on a 1989 case -- talk about being timely and pertinent).  They've still failed, for example, to note Lynne Stewart's cancer.  (Yes, I am referring to Law and Disorder Radio.)  From Lynne's website, we'll note:

Please listen to these two updates, and write Lynne to let her know you’re thinking of her!
To send Lynne a letter, write:
Lynne Stewart #53504-054
Federal Medical Center, Carswell
PO Box 27137
Ft. Worth, TX 76127
Listen to Lynne’s doctor-daughter Zenobia talk about Lynne’s situation on WBAI’s Health Action Monday, January 28. (mp3)
Listen to Zenobia and Ralph Poynter discuss Lynne’s situation on the radio show Where We Live, from January 24, 2013. (mp3)

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