Tuesday, March 05, 2013

For a speech writer, he's rather prosaic

At The Daily Beast, David Frum wants you to know that the invasion of Iraq was worth it.  He remembers rolling in Tikrit in March 2003 . . .

Oh, wait, he didn't.  No, he was just a cheesy ass speech writer for Bully Boy Bush.  He and his wife couldn't keep their mouths shut and kept claiming credit for "axis of evil" (some fools are proud of the most embarrassing things) which led the Bush administration to show Frum the door.  (Speech writers are not supposed to be glory hogs.)

Was Bully Boy Bush a huge idiot or was it his speech writers who made him sound that way?  I've always assumed it was the Bully himself but it takes a lot of stupid for Frum not only to write the following paragraph but also to allow it to be published:

The war was expensive and badly managed. It did real damage to the international credibility of the United States—and cracked the conservative movement, maybe irreparably. It left 4,000 Americans dead and many thousands more seriously wounded. Had we known all this in advance, the war would not have been fought.

Excuse me?  4,000 dead.  If I was a former government employee, no less one that worked for the White House, I'd think it would be incumbent upon me to know the government statistics and where to find them.  I also think that if I whored for an illegal war, the least I could do was get the death toll correct. The number of US military personnel the Dept of Defense states died in the Iraq War is [PDF format warning] 4488.  That's the Pentagon's number.  Does Frum have a reason not to reference that?  Does he have a reason not to trust it?  The number he uses if 488 short (actually more than that, hold on).

It's not like it just hit 4,000 either.  The 4,000 mark was hit March 23, 2008 -- see "4,000 dead and the war drags on . . ."

On the  "4,000 Americans dead" -- if you're saying American, you need to include Americans -- not just military and that would be a number higher than the Pentagon number -- it would include diplomatic staff, it would include Americans who were there as teachers, it would include people like Marla Ruzicka.

No one forced him to write about this topic.  He elected to.  So he needs to get the death toll correct.  The fact that he can do so with one click but doesn't go to his how little he cares. 

He also insists that war has been worth it and that Iran didn't benefit from it.  John Kampfner is only one among many who beg to differ.

The following community sites -- plus Cindy Sheehan, C-SPAN, Adam Kokesh, Susan's On the Edge, Antiwar.com, Pacifica Evening News, Black Agenda Report and Ms. magazine's blog  -- updated last night and this morning:

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