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Stand With Cindy or Cower Before The Empire


Cindy Sheehan's a peace activist we all know very well.  She's laid it on the line for peace repeatedly.  She's protested Bully Boy Bush and Barack.  She's been savaged by right wingers and by the Cult of St. Barack.

Most of us are neither.  And we're the ones who can help Cindy now.

She's got a new action.  It's the Tour De Peace.  It's been poorly advanced.

It is a bicycle ride to DC.

Again, it has been poorly advanced.  But it's not complex.  The action is to raise awareness on important issues and those participating are participating to:

To End immunity for US War Crimes
To End Suppression of our Civil Rights
To End the use of Fossil Fuels
To End Persecution of Whistle blowers 
To End Partisan Apathy and Inaction

The Tour De Peace has already started.

There's one thing everyone can do.  You can click here and sign the petition to show your support for the action.

Okay, that's what everyone can do.  But there are things that various individuals can do as well.  You don't have to bicycle from Arizona (where they are now) to DC.  You can join Cindy as she rides through your town.  You can join her for as long as you can peddle.  Your contribution will be appreciated and you'll be taking a stand for peace.  They're in Arizona now and here's where they'll be in the coming days:

April 20- Phoenix details contact Edwina
April 21- Phoenix details contact Lisa
April 22- Winslow
April 23- Petrified Forest National Park
April 24- Sanders      

New Mexico
April 25- Gallup

April 26- Down Day
April 27- Bluewater
April 28- Laguna
April 29- Albuquerque contact Susan                         
April 30- Clines Corners                             
May 1-  Santa Rosa
May 2-  Down Day
May 3-  Tucumcari

May 4-  Adrian                           
May 5-  Cinco de Mayo: Rest, Recharge, Rebuild
May 6Amarillo contact Rusty
May 7-  Groom
May 8-  Shamrock

May  9-  Elk City
May 10- Weatherford
May 11- El Reno
May 12- Norman contact Zakk                        
May 13- Rest, indigenous sites                           
May 14- Chandler                           
May 15- Sapulpa
May 16- Tulsa contact Brandon
May 17- Chelsea
May 18- Miami, OK
May 19- Down Day

May 20- Sarcoxie
May 21- Springfield, Mo  contact Midge 
May 22- Lebanon
May 23- Waynesville
May 24- Cuba
May 25- Down Day
May 26- Pacific
May 27- St. Louis contact Jacquelyn

May 28- Litchfield
May 29- Springfield
May 30- Peoria contact Tonya
May 31- Pontiac

June 1-  Joliet
June 2-  Chicago
June 3-  Chicago contact Debra

Chicago to DC route
June 4-
June 5- Ann Arbor
June 6-

June 7Fayette
June 8Toledo contact Mike
June 9Toledo
June 10- Down Day  
June 11- Norwalk
June 12- Cleveland
June 13- Kent
June 14- East Palestine

June 15- Pittsburgh
June 16- Pittsburgh
June 17- Connellsville
June 18- Meyersville

June 19- Cumberland, Md
June 20- Berkeley Springs, WV
June 21- Brunswick, Md
June 22- Gaithersburg, Md
June 23- Manassas, Va
June 24- Culpeper, Va
June 25- Charlottesville, Va contact David
June 26- Gum Springs, Va
June 27- Richmond, Va contact Rain
June 28- Fredericksberg, Va
June 29- Manassas, Va
June 30- Down Day
July   1Media Day
July   2-  DC contact Malachy

July 3-      9am: Meet at Arlington Cemetery,  Press Conference,  Ride to White House, Present Demands

Let's repeat.  You're in Laguna, New Mexico?  Join her April 28th when she rides through your town.  I know, a ride from a California to DC is epic and who can do that?  Cindy.

And Cindy's carried the heavy load for the peace movement for some time.  She knows that too.  She knows that some people have young kids, some people are hanging on by a thread to a job in a very bad economy, she knows not everyone has months to give.  But if she's riding through your town, you should be able to show your support for peace and your support for her.

Some of us can remember when Cindy emerged on the national scene.  The myth is she went to Crawford and everyone fell in love.

That's a lie.

Cindy went to Crawford and created Camp Casey to protest the illegal war.  Bully Boy Bush was insisting it was a noble cause.  It wasn't.

And it wasn't easy for her.

You had a right wing media attacking her.  You had a mainstream media frequently distorting her.  And you had the Democratic Party lying about her to use her.

Go back in our archives.  There was a blogger we used to note quite often and mainly just because she was a woman.  I try to be supportive of other women.  But she started blogging that Cindy wasn't against the war.  She just wanted to know what noble cause her son Casey Sheehan died in Iraq for.  But she wasn't calling for an end to the war, the blogger insisted.

That was an outright lie and we called it out here.

This blogger was hooked into the DNC party structure and would spend three years pimping for John Edwards's run in 2008.  She wasn't a right-winger.  But she was more than happy to use and distort Cindy Sheehan for partisan gain.

Cindy's spoken frequently about, at Camp Casey, being approached to lie.  We'll drop back to the February 11, 2011 snapshot,  where we were noting the interview Cindy did with Abby Martin  for Media Roots Radio:

Cindy Sheehan: I -- Early on, I had a lot of dialogue with-with people like that. In fact, in August of 2005, MoveOn sent two really high ranking people in their organization, Tom Andrews from Win Without War and Glen Smith -- he's with MoveOn, I don't know in what -- but he's a Texan. And I knew both of them before.  So they sent them. And we had a meeting in my trailer and they wanted me to support a bill that was not supportable.  It was a -- it was a Democrat - Republican co-sponsored bill about getting out of Iraq eventually.  And I was just like, "No, that's not what Camp Casey's about. That's not what the affiliated organizations" -- we called them the skin-in-the-game organizations, Veterans for Peace, IVAW, Gold Star Families for Peace and Military Families Speak Out; I said, "No, we're calling for an immediate end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan."  And so that's when they basically just said 'Okay, you know, see you later if you won't support this awful bill then we're not going to support you.'  And then when the 2,000 soldier was getting ready to be killed in Iraq, we were in Washington, DC calling for civil disobedience and then MoveOn like totally severed ties and said "No, we're doing a candle light vigil." And I said, "Okay, then there's going to be a 3,000th soldier, a 4,000th soldier, a 5,000th soldier if we don't start to get a little more radical with our demonstrations.  And you're the one that has the major list.  And then in '07 it was the -- No, it was '08.  It was the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.  United For Peace & Justice refused to call a demo in DC saying they didn't want to embarrass the Democrats.
Abby Martin: Wow.
Cindy Sheehan: Yeah. I mean just boldly said we don't want to embarrass the Democrats.
Abby Martin:  Get an f-ing backbone.
Cindy Sheehan: Yeah.  Yeah.  So I've had so much dialogue with these people.  I just finally wrote an article and I said that all the people from MoveOn had blood on their hands.  And anybody who supports this empire, supports any part of -- Because that's when MoveOn was saying -- telling their groups that they needed to support the Democrats in supporting the supplemental war funding. And I was just like, "You all have blood on your hands." And it was like, "Oh, you said we have blood on our hands."  And you do. You know. So you have two choices.  Keep supporting the Democrats or support peace. And you're supporting the Democrats so that means you have blood on your hands.

Cindy wouldn't play games with peace.  She wouldn't tailor her remarks to absolve Democratic War Hawks.  That's why The Nation magazine isn't covering the Tour De Peace.  Or The Progressive or anyone else.  They're in the business of being part of the Cult of St. Barack.

They're not truth tellers, they're cowards who lie and lie to manipulate.

Cindy needs support.  The media's never really been with Cindy.  The MSM wanted to turn her into 'dumb Mom.'  They really did.  When Cindy wanted to talk about Palestine or Venezuela or other issues, it was just not to be.  They didn't want her intelligent, they didn't want to promote her that way.  The Democrats didn't want her being independent.  They couldn't stand that.

Well too bad for everyone, Cindy's a smart woman and an independent one.

And if you think about it, that's why we all first responded to her.  Because she was real and she was authentic and she was standing up at a time when most cowered.

In 2005, we were able to give Cindy the support she needed.

We can do it right now as well.

I was wrong, by the way.  We can all sign the petition, yes.  But there's one more thing we can all do.  We can talk up the Tour De Peace.  We are the media.  We can raise awareness on Cindy's action.  And we should.

Yesterday, Cindy wrote:

Bradley Manning and other political prisoners rot in jail only for trying to ameliorate, stop, or prevent the crimes of the US Empire…yet, I ride alone.

Obama signed the so-called Monsanto Protection act which effectively gives the company who gave us Agent Orange, pcb’s, bovine growth hormone, and Roundup, 100 percent control of our food supply and prevents any kind of liability against the evil company’s poisoning of our present and our future…yet, I ride alone.

While your attention has been consumed by the bombings in Boston, top “defense” officials testified inCongress, yesterday, that US troops were being sent to Jordan to invade Syria…yet, I ride alone.

So many crimes perpetrated by the US Empire, but, because the leader of the crime syndicate purports to have a (D) behind his name…I ride alone.

I know it’s not easy to put ones life on hold and strike out on an Epic Adventure of this magnitude—I know because I have done it dozens of times since my son was killed and it’s not easy. I left my comfy bed and four grandchildren because I am afraid for their future if I don’t.

I sleep in my tent, or a strange bed every night, from 20 degree temps to 97 degrees, because I know the sorrow of burying a child for lies and profit and I can’t stand the thought of the terrorism that my own nation is practicing on innocent people all over the world. I miss my grandbabies with all my heart, but who is fighting for all the children of the world?

 You can show your support for her, for the goal of peace, by joining her if she's riding through your city or town. 

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