Thursday, August 29, 2013

Both violence and State Dept screw ups continue in Iraq

AP reports that Iraq War veteran and US House Rep Tammy Duckworth has come out today against a US strike on Syria.  Speaking in Thailand at a Bangkok college, Duckworth voiced her concerns about US military being used to assist people who may be part of al Qaeda.

In Iraq, violence continues.  NINA reports a 1 police officer and 1 Iraqi soldier were shot dead in Mosul, 1 person was shot dead in Basra, a Mosul roadside bombing claimed the life of 1 police officer and 2 civilians, 1 Shabak was shot dead near his Mosul home, a Baghdad roadside bombing claimed 1 life and left three people injured, and a Hilla bombing claimed 1 life and left two more people injured.

Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 823 violent deaths in the country so far this month.  AFP's Prashant Rao Tweets:

  1. So far this month, at least 633 killed and 1,682 wounded by violence in Iraq - tally:

Adam Schreck and Sinan Salaheddin (AP) report 80 died yesterday in Baghdad alone.  All Iraq News notes:

The British Government condemned the car bombings that took place in Baghdad on last Wednesday.
A statement by the British Embassy in Iraq received by AIN cited “The British Government condemns the terrorist attacks that took place across Baghdad yesterday morning. My thoughts are with the families of those who were killed and injured.”
The statement quoted the British Ambassador to Baghdad as saying “I offered my condolences to Foreign Minister Zebari yesterday afternoon, and affirmed the United Kingdom’s solidarity with the Iraqi government in its efforts to combat terrorism.”

And they note:

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (UNAMI), Jaclyn Babcock, strongly condemned the series of recent terrorist explosions that took place in Baghdad and resulted in killing and wounding many innocent people.
UNAMI quoted Babcock as saying ''These terrorist operations can not be justified by any political goals or sectarian rancor where these operations are killing innocent  people continuously without any mercy.''

Guess what they don't note?

The US State Dept or the US Embassy in Baghdad.  On the latter, they posted a great deal (of nonsense) to their Facebook page yesterday.  They just couldn't note the worst day of violence (largest death toll) of the month (IBC counts 98 killed across Iraq). 

And the US State Dept?

Too busy selling an attack on Syria to do its damn job.

A little clue for Secretary of State John Kerry and the trollop Marie Harf, when you are taking over a billion tax payer dollars and doing no-one-knows-what with them in Iraq, you damn well better do your job.  And Marie can't blame the press for not bringing up Iraq.  She started yesterday's press briefing declaring what?

"Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the daily briefing. I do not have anything at the top, so I’m going to go ahead and open it up for questions."  Right there, at the top?

That's where your lazy ass makes a statement regarding the violence in Iraq.

Marie's such an idiot that when she does note the violence, she has to flip through her cheat sheet (notebook) to find the standard State Dept release on any Iraqi violence and read out loud from that.  And she's paid a salary by the US tax payer?  A computer with speakers could do her job.

In Iraq today, as Iraqis turn to their news outlets, they'll learn that England and UNAMI care and that the US doesn't give a damn.

We've gone over this repeatedly but it's too damn much for the State Dept to absorb apparently.  You are wasting money in Iraq if you are not issuing statements condemning violence.  Nothing else you say or do will be taken seriously or seen as sincere if you repeatedly fail to express sympathies.

"There are bombings every day in Iraq!"  Whine when you're working on the corporate dollar.  When the US tax payer is clothing and feeding you, do your damn job.  And, yes, there are bombings every day.  So you can express solidarity with the Iraqi people every day.

Or are you too damn stupid to grasp that -- as the Iraqi press makes clear -- you're still seen as the occupiers and there is a growing call for you to leave the country?

John Kerry, you need to stop trying to sell war on Syria and you need to get your department together when it comes to Iraq.  Unless your goal is to have this fiasco anchored around your neck in the history books. 

Prepare for something like this:

Kerry oversaw billions flow into Iraq at a time when Americans lost many basic services as a result of fiscal cutbacks.  Despite all those billions, economic and diplomatic experts have shown nothing was accomplished.  Many feel that a lack of oversight led to money being tossed around and not utilized in a focused manner which could have improved the lives of Iraqis and led to improved relations.  In a ranking of Secretaries of State for the 21st century by historians, Kerry came in dead last . . .

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