Friday, August 23, 2013

Monday in Anchorage, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee field hearing

We're opening with this from the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee:

There will be a meeting of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs at the Southcentral Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska on Monday, August 26, 2013, at 9:30 a.m. to conduct a field hearing titled “The State of Veterans Services in Alaska”.
Heather L Vachon
Chief Clerk
Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
SR-412 Russell Senate Office Building

A field hearing is when they go outside DC.  Alaska's veterans are lucky to have Senator Mark Begich who never fails to raise their issues in DC Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearings.  He ensures that the VA is aware of their needs and the problems they face -- problems that usually go to the rural nature of Alaska and how that impacts access. 

This hearing is this Monday morning and a perfect time for Alaska's veterans, their families, supporters and those interested in the Senate process to show up. 

We'll note this in today's snapshot as well and I'll carry it over to Third on Sunday.

On Alaska, here's a little more info:

Date: Nov 8, 2013
Event: Anchorage, AK
Event URL:
Address: University Center Mall, 3801 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, Alaska 99503

What's that? It's when the Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes job fairs visits Alaska.  Before then, here are some dates for veterans hiring fairs around the rest of the country:

August 27, 2013Houston, TX
August 27, 2013Lafayette, LA
September 4, 2013Beaufort, SC
September 10, 2013Tucson, AZ
September 10, 2013Peekskill (Camp Smith), NY
September 10, 2013Charlotte, NC
September 12, 2013JBLM, WA Military Spouse Hiring Fair
September 12, 2013Provo, UT
September 12, 2013Trenton, NJ
September 12, 2013Boise, ID
September 17, 2013Baton Rouge, LA
September 17, 2013Portsmouth, NH
September 19, 2013Camp Pendleton, CA
September 19, 2013Los Angeles, CA - Tracks to Success
September 19, 2013Lewiston, ME
September 19, 2013Richmond, VA
September 20, 2013Spokane, WA
September 25, 2013Morgantown, WV
September 26, 2013Sidney, OH
September 26, 2013Cheyenne, WY
October 1, 2013Northampton, MA
October 1, 2013Little Rock, AR
October 2, 2013Ann Arbor, MI

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