Friday, September 06, 2013

US said to be targets in Iraq

Protests continue in Iraq.  Iraqi Spring MC notes protests took place in AmeriyaJalawla, Baji, Mosul, Baquba, Ramadi, and Baghdad.  In Babylon, Iraqi Spring MC reports Nouri's thugs have grabbed three preachers and nine worshipers.

The US press has largely ignored Iraq and the protests but today they find a bit of interest.   UPI reports, "An intercepted order from Iran instructs militants in Iraq to hit the U.S. Embassy and other interests if a military strike on Syria occurs, U.S. officials said.  Officials said the recently intercepted message was sent by Qasem Soleimani, head of Revolutionary Guards' Qods Force, to Iranian-supported Shiite militias in Iraq, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday."  Reuters adds the US Embassy in Baghdad is thought to be a likely target.  The compound is the likely source of attack.  Social media posters are stating the compound's apartment building is the likely target and most vulnerable.  If it was just one poster saying "building" and not "buildings" (saying in Arabic), I'd assumed a typo.  With many commenting and using the singular, I'd be inclined to think they mean one building.  (There were supposed to be several buildings with apartments -- that was the plan.)   At any rate, as the western press ignores the protests again, look for this story to be the only Iraq one getting much attention.

Violence in Iraq continues.  NINA notes a Falluja police officer was injured in a shooting after his home was attacked,  also in Falluja 1 man was kidnapped:  "gunmen, wearing Iraqi army uniforms, stormed the house of the" man they kidnapped, a Tikrit bombing claimed the life of 1 police officer and left four more injured, a Khalis sticky bombing injured one person,.  All Iraq News adds a Tikrit Orchard bombing claimed the life of 1 farmer.

 Let's move over to England, where the Press Association reports:

Ed Miliband's stance on military action against Syria has came under fire from Tony Blair and a former Cabinet minister.
The ex-prime minister made clear that he disagreed with the Labour leader's handling of the issue, warning that the country could become a breeding ground for extremists if Bashar Assad's regime was not confronted.

Poor disgusting Tony Blair.  Never having had the opportunity to compete in a beauty contest (have you seen his teeth?), he never learned that when your reign is over, you're supposed to say positive things about your successors otherwise you're seen as bitchy and bitter.

It's no surprise that Tony doesn't like the outcome.  It is a surprise that he'd shoot off his mouth in public.  I'm glad he did.  It's just going to force Labour to move even further away from him.  Blair is the failed past, Ed is the ascending present.  And there's no room in the future for a Blair who trashes the party's leader.

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