Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over 1,000 violent deaths in Iraq so far this month

Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 998 violent deaths in the month of January so far.  That leaves today, tomorrow and Friday for the count.

Over 1,000 violent deaths will have taken place in Iraq.  And a lot of the deaths aren't counted in the count.  IBC notes that there are deaths they miss but I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about the fact that Nouri's government rarely has announced the deaths in Anbar at the hands of his forces.

But over 1,000 deaths in one month.  And Nouri's claim is that his assault on Anbar was to increase security.

Violence took place in Ramadi today, yes, but it also took place outside of Anbar -- like in Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit . . .

We noted this would happen before the assault began.

Historically since the start of the illegal war in 2003, an assault on one area just means more violence in other areas.

That was true again today.

National Iraqi News Agency reports a Mosul attack left 1 police member and 1 civilian dead,  an attack on a Mosul checkpoint left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and another injured, a Baghdad roadside bombing (Nairiyah area) left 1 person dead and five injured, a Tikrit car bombing left 4 police members dead and five civilians injured, an Arab Jabour Village roadside bombing left 1 Sahwa dead and two of his companions injured,  1 "civil servant working Muqdadiyah General Hospital" was shot dead in Muqdadiyah, 2 people were shot dead and four left injured in a Baghdad shooting (area of Camp Sara), and attack on the home of the "Imman and Preacher of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb mosque" left the Imman injured, a Baghdad car bombing (al-Talibiya area) left 2 people dead and eight more injured, another Baghdad car bombing (al-Jawadain area) left 1 person dead and six more injured, another Baghdad car bombing (al-Jadeeda area) claimed 1 life and left four other people injured, a battle north of Ramadi between security forces and rebels left 10 rebels dead, the military shot dead 3 suspects in Abu Ghraib, and 2 al-Shi'la car bombings left 4 people dead and fifteen injured.  All Iraq News adds, "An employee of the General Vehicles Company was assassinated to the north of Babel province."

That's 34 reported deaths and 51 reported injured and I'm sure that misses many other acts of violence today.

Nouri can't provide peace, he can't provide security and he can't provide stability.

He can't even fully staff his Cabinet.

Back in July, 2012,  Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) observed, "Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has struggled to forge a lasting power-sharing agreement and has yet to fill key Cabinet positions, including the ministers of defense, interior and national security, while his backers have also shown signs of wobbling support."

That was true then and it's still true.

You think maybe those three security posts being left vacant for years might also explain the increase in violence?

Nouri wants a third term as prime minister.

He still hasn't filled out the security posts.  During all this instability, he has failed at the most basic job of prime minister.

That he thinks he deserves a third term is only further proof of his insanity.

Only an idiot like Chris Hill could defend him and we may take on Hill's nonsense today (I wasn't in the mood yesterday).

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