Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"BOSTON WRONG" (Mike Palecek)

In the US, Mike Palecek and  Chuck Gregory host a once a week radio program entitled The New American Dream Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.

Boston Wrong

I work at a group home.
And I recall one of the residents a while back watching the Jodi Arias trial on the TV, so we saw hours and hours of detailed examination of that murder case.
If we had a real press, we would get that sort of nuanced, enthusiastic, full-blown coverage and discussion of the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook case, 911, the anthrax scare, the RFK, MLK and JFK murders, not to mention Waco and Oklahoma City, and this would not be a nation headed full-speed down hill with the brakes blown, toward fascism.
The video you can view online of the law enforcement officers forcing the people out of their homes in Watertown, Massachusetts reminds me of ...