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How you know Barack really stepped in it

Barack entered into negotiations with the Taliban, agreeing to surrendering 5 Taliban prisoners for one American soldier.  Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas (Jackson Progess-Argus) is presenting a conservative take on the issue:

Euphoria over the Taliban’s release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was quickly tempered by media reports that Bergdahl had abandoned his post and that his father made comments opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bergdahl’s father tweeted, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child.”

And you know certain details above are resonating beyond conservatives and that this is becoming a body blow for Barack's image because Mother Jones is whoring.

No, not the radical activist Mother Jones, she died years ago.  Not the semi-left Mother Jones magazine, it died some time ago as well.  The rag has nothing to offer today.  Around 2006, it stopped being a lively and thoughtful magazine as it transformed itself into just another Democratic National Committee propaganda outlet.

Tasneem Raja tries to write.  Tries very hard.

She can't.  Maybe because she's an idiot, maybe because the whore mission is beyond her skill set.

She wastes everyone's time on insisting Bergdahl is not a deserter and her 'proof' is that the military didn't classify him as that.  Then she offers how someone is classified a deserter.

But she's an idiot and late to the topic so she thinks that what she is writing is how it works.


No, you stupid idiot, it's not how it works.  What you're outlining are steps the military may take, not steps the military has to take.

After misunderstanding military guidelines (not military law -- though she appears to believe she's presented military law), she suddenly drops in that the military classifying you with a term does not make you that and that you would have to go through the military justice process to determine whether or not someone is a deserter.

So why did you waste our time with all of your garbage?

Secretary of the Army John McHugh has already stated the military is investigating.  Raja's article fails to note that and fails to illuminate anything other than Mother Jones' continued desire to whore for the current administration.

Again, they used to do lively writing from the left.  They used to not concern themselves with being the text equivalent of the Secret Service for a Democratic president.

These days, they're the cheapest hookers Ted Kennedy ever flew into Kennebunkport.

What's especially offensive is that Mother Jones is suddenly interested in those who leave the military by their own choice, those who self-check out.

Because when war resisters could have used help, MoJo was silent.

They pretended to care in their sole article on the topic in the last ten years.

They (the author was David Goodman) pretended to care and pretended the article was about war resisters. It wasn't about war resisters.  Brandon Hughey and Dave Sanders qualified as war resisters.  Both self-checked out and went to Canada.  Paul Rieckhoff (IAVA) is not now and was not then a war resister nor has he ever claimed to be one.  John Bruhns insults war resisters in the Mother Jones article (and makes a sexist remark which really isn't a surprise considering all of his remarks in the years since that 2004 article).  Mike Hoffman and James Massey were both discharged (honorably).  That's four non-war resisters versus two war resisters.  And, again, Mother Jones included an attack on war resisters (a sexist one) in the article itself.

And that was it for Mother Jones.  That was all she wrote.

When Amnesty International was raising attention on the plight of war resister Kim Rivera, Mother Jones didn't give a damn.  By then Barack was in the White House and the former muck racking magazine had gone soft in the belly and brain while 'new' hires tended to be a bunch of elderly types whose claws were falling out (David Corn being only one example).

But today, Raja and Mother Jones want to stand up for desertion and want you to know they take the issue very seriously.

Not seriously enough to write a coherent argument or even a coherent magazine feature.

But they want to throw out anything they can in the hopes that they can distract from Barack's latest self-inflicted wound.

Regardless of what the released American was, he broke the law.  And, as Glenn Greenwald noted, in doing so, he made clear that he's never seen himself as unable to release prisoners from Guantanamo.

But didn't he present himself as the victim when he refused to close Guantanamo?

Barack really stepped in it and Raja and Mother Jones rush to his feet to try to lick the s**t off.

It's not coming off.

And before someone feels the need to e-mail that the two idiots who've overseen the destruction of the magazine -- Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery -- stood up for Ehren Watada, no, they did not.

Ehren was a war resister.  He was not a deserter.  He refused to deploy but he continued to work on base. But Monika and Clara never supported Ehren publicly.

They supported Sarah Olson.  Remember her?

The fake reporter.  The woman who would get bitchy about Ehren?

Sarah Olson interviewed Ehren and sold and re-sold her interview to any outlet she could.  The military wanted her to testify in Ehren's court-martial.

Ehren was the first officer to refuse to deploy (Lt Ehren Watada).

He was facing serious charges and serious punishment.

So what Sarah did was try to make it all about her.

How dare the military ask her to testify!  This was so wrong!  The American people needed to come to her defense!  She was a victim!

She was nonsense.  She is nonsense still.

She wanted people to defend her but she wouldn't say what she was going to do.

She was the bearded lady sideshow taking attention away from Ehren when he needed attention.

But if the ___ (fill in word of your choice) wanted support, she needed to say something like, "If they try to force me to testify, they'll find out I'm not going to say a word."

She wouldn't do that.

She wouldn't take a stand on the issue.

But went all over the airwaves demanding that Americans take a stand for her.

The bearded lady succeeded in making herself the story and the focus for several weeks.

That's what Clara and Monika supported, Sarah Olsen.

She slept with a lot of the right inside people so she was able to mount a much quicker and much bigger response than Ehren who, let's remember, was taking an actual stand.

Clara and Monika did nothing to help Ehren, they did nothing to help anyone but their own personal friends in their own personal circle jerk.  In 2007, they found a purpose.  The modern day Christ-child, Barack Obama.  And like good little temple prostitutes in the Cult of St. Barack, Clara and Monika have whored out everything they can to try to protect Barack.

What a sad, sad moment for Mother Jones.

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