Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nouri continues to kill civilians

Saturday's violence, if you missed it from the major news outlets in the US, was  Baghdad bombings.

  • Dozens Killed in Baghdad Bombings - NBC News
    15 hours ago - BAGHDAD — At least 27 people were killed in a wave of bombings in mostly Shi'ite Muslim areas of Baghdad on Saturday, police and medics ...
  • Baghdad bombings kill dozens - The Guardian › NewsWorld newsIraq
    The Guardian
    1 day ago - A series of bombings, including three in the space of less than 10 minutes, killed at least 27 people across Baghdad on Saturday, shaking the ...

  • Margaret Griffis ( notes the deadliest claimed nine lives.

    But while everyone focused on Baghdad, Nouri skated free yet again.

    National Iraqi News Agency reports, "A medical source said on Saturday that /20/ civilians were killed and wounded because of the bombing of neighborhoods in Fallujah. The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the neighborhoods of the Golan , al-Neizah , Nazal and al-Senaai came under bombardment that led to the killing of / 7 / civilians and wounding / 13 / others including four women were taken to hospital for treatment."

    These are War Crimes, ongoing War Crimes.

    Nouri's been bombing civilian areas in Falluja since the start of the year and the toll keeps rising.  Nouri would argue he's going after what he sees as 'terrorists' who are in Falluja.

    Falluja is a densely populated city -- even now with so many having fled for safety.

    You are not allowed to target civilians because somewhere in the city a terrorist/rebel/insurgent/militant/what-have-you may be.

    When you target an entire population because of the chance that a person or persons may be in the area, the term is "collective punishment."  Collective punishment is a War Crime, long recognized as one by the international community.

    The US recognizes collective punishment as a War Crime.

    So why have they allowed Nouri to continue bombing civilians?

    "Help me!" whines the despot Nouri.

    But why?

    Barack Obama said political reconciliation had to happen in Iraq for US help.

    It hasn't happened.

    Nouri's bombing Sunni civilians and killing and wounding them.

    Last week, he declared the Kurds to be terrorists.

    (The with-us-or-against-us call of Bully Boy Bush was embraced by many with regards to terrorism meaning that accusing someone of harboring terrorists or enabling them is the same as accusing them of being terrorists themselves.)

    And still the US fails to condemn Nouri.

    And the press continues to hide what he's doing.

    As do people who will scream if Palestinian civilians are killed in Israel but will remain silent on the killing of civilians by a government in Iraq.

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