Thursday, August 07, 2014

More towns fall in Nouri's Iraq

In Iraq,the Parliament's meeting with some insisting this will be the day the body names a prime minister-designate.  Thug Nouri al-Maliki wants that person to be him.  National Iraqi News Agency reports:

The head of the Civic Democratic Alliance, Mithal al-Alusi held the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for what is achieved by the Islamic State in some areas, for his failure to run the country.
Alusi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "It is clear that the political rivalry within the constitutional mechanisms between the forces and personalities, moved from Logic to circumvent and threatening others and using religion and legal vocabulary," noting: "Maliki, if he felt he achieved an electoral victory, but the reality says the government is built on consensus and political visions . "

Many are blaming Nouri for having bred what is now taking place in Iraq, especially as a result of his actions in his second term as prime minister.  Today, there are new losses.

World Bulletin reports, "ISIL militants extended their gains in northern Iraq on Thursday, seizing three more towns and gaining a foothold near the Kurdish region, witnesses said."  AFP explains, "Jihadists has taken over Iraq's largest Christian town, Qaraqosh, and the surrounding areas sending tens of thousands of residents fleeing towards autonomous Kurdistan, according to officials and witnesses."  Sinan Salaheddin and Sameer N. Yacoub (AP) report:

 The raid started late Wednesday, and by 10 p.m., most Kurdish fighters had pulled out, said Father Gabriel, a resident of Alqosh.
The Christians and members of other minority groups ran for their lives, with tens of thousands heading to Kurdish northern Iraq, he added.

Scottish Catholic Observer quotes Chaldean Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaimaniyah Joseph Thomas stating:

I now know that the towns of Qaraqosh, Tal Kayf, Bartella and Karamlesh have been emptied of their original population and are now under the control of the militants.  It’s a catastrophe, a tragic situation. We call on the UN Security Council to immediately intervene. Tens of thousands of terrified people are being displaced as we speak, it cannot be described. 

AFP quotes Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako stating, "There are 100,000 displaced Christians who have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on foot, to reach the Kurdistan region.  This is a humanitarian disaster. The churches are occupied, their crosses were taken down."

Nouri's still the leader of Iraq -- the failed leader of Iraq.

He's brought the country to the brink of destruction.  In no sane world does he deserve a third term.

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