Friday, September 26, 2014

Blowing it in Iraq again

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi can keep mouthing that the bombings of civilians in Falluja must be stopped -- as he did again yesterday -- but it's just gums flapping if al-Abadi, the commander in chief of the Iraqi army, can't get the military to stop.

All over Arabic social media right now you can find debates as to whether he's a liar or powerless.  Neither possibility is instilling faith in his leadership.

Today's continued bombing of Falluja's residential neighborhoods?  NINA reports 3 civilians are dead and nine more injured.  In addition, Iraqi Spring MC notes Falluja General Hospital received the corpses of 2 children and eight more people who were injured from last night's bombings of the residential neighborhoods.

And how were Friday prayers in Anbar celebrated?  With more civilian bombings.

So is Haider al-Abadi a liar or powerless?

A number of people are saying powerless and noting articles like this one at Kitabat which maintains that Nouri is refusing to leave the palace he's lived in since 2006, the housing of the prime minister.  And that even high ranking members of Dawa (Nouri's political party) attempting or persuade Nouri that he must leave and allow al-Abadi to move in have failed.

An image is taking hold.  I'm not surprised.

I'm not surprised that the White House would screw up an opportunity nor am I surprised that a minor figure in Iraqi politics, elevated to a new level, would forget the Iraqi people and rush off to NYC to take part in a media circus and draw attention to himself with mysterious claims of impending attacks on Paris and New York City.

Or that Haider's "whines" (as they're being called) are registering more in Arabic media than western media. One of his "whines," made on CNN, was that the US government was not coordinating its bombings of Iraq closely enough with him.  While western media largely shrugged or was silent, Arabic social media seizes on the incident to argue that Haider is ineffectual and weak and willing to flaunt it publicly before an international audience.

The chance to prove that there was a new leader in Iraq and a reason to hope was not a long term chance.  It came with an expiration date.

Instead of focusing on political issues in Iraq, the White House focused on bombing and building international 'support' for bombing.

They completely failed at what they were supposed to do: Help the Iraqi people, aid a responsive government.

Now hope is vanishing and all Barack has is his bombs.

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