Monday, September 29, 2014

Falluja still bombed, Barack's 'plan' still questionable

National Iraqi News Agency reports Sunday's continued bombing of residential neighborhoods in Falluja left 4 civilians dead and fifteen more injured.

Yes, new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered an end to these bombings three weeks ago.

No, these bombings have not ceased.

Yes, this is part of the reason his image has fallen so quickly.

He's not the only one with image problems as the last of the Cult of St. Barack attempts to reconcile their fantasies with the reality of the War Hawk Barack.  They won't find solace in the remarks of former US House Rep Ron Paul.  RT reports (link is text and video):

Not known for mincing his words or flip-flopping, Paul told RT’s Abby Martin that President Obama’s decision to use military force in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State [IS], without approval from the UN or the US Congress, was “immoral and illegal” under US and international law.
The “whole mess that we’ve been involved in in the Middle East has been technically illegal because we’ve initiated war, but we haven’t declared war,” Paul told Abby Martin in RT’s “Breaking the Set” show.
“I consider what’s going on now, specifically in these last few weeks, totally immoral,” Paul said. “I think it’s illegal under our laws and illegal under international law as well.”
The 12-term Senator from Texas criticized Obama since he pledged to “wind down these wars” yet the military expansion continues to ramp up “massively” in Iraq and Syria.

Ron Paul's not the only one expressing doubts.  Andrew Tilghman, Gina Harkins, David Larter, Stephen Losey, Hope Hodge Seck, Michelle Tan and Jeff Schogol (Military Times) report on their poll of service members:

On the surface, troops appear to support President Obama’s repeated vows not to let the U.S. military get “dragged into another ground war” in Iraq. Yet at the same time, the views of many service members are shaped by a deep ambivalence about this commander in chief and questions about his ability to lead the nation through a major war, according to the survey and interviews.
The reader survey asked more than 2,200 active-duty troops this question: “In your opinion, do you think the U.S. military should send a substantial number of combat troops to Iraq to support the Iraqi security forces?” Slightly more than 70 percent responded: “No.”

It's time to note the obvious -- a bigger loser has never held the White House.  Barack has no plan and the military has little faith in him.  It goes far beyond his 'latte salute.'  It goes to his failure to grasp basic facts and his inability to provide real leadership.

Tony Blinken tried to spin yesterday and The Huffington Post tried to spin Blinken -- since when is a "deputy national security adviser" a "top Obama official" as Huffington Post claimed in their headline?

What is Blinken?

A failure on Iraq and the White House really doesn't want me elaborating on that.

But if underestimating took place -- as Barack allowed while pinning the blame on others -- then look no further than Blinken who all but held Nouri's cock each time took a piss in the last six years.

Huffington Post quotes Blinken telling Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday), "What we’re doing is totally different."

Unless you're a surfer, Moon Unit Zappa or Alicia Silverstone starring in Clueless II, you really don't say "totally."

Yesterday, Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Now We Bomb Oklahoma" and Kat's "Kat's Korner: Rhino does Carly on the cheap" went up.  On this week's Law and Disorder Radio,  an hour long program that airs Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. EST on WBAI and around the country throughout the week, hosted by attorneys Heidi Boghosian, Michael S. Smith and Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights) topics addressed include indigenous people of the US with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and academic freedom with Professor Steven Salaita.  Last week Michael Ratner offered legal analysis on Iraq.  We noted half of it and never got around to noting the other half.  We'll do so in either today's snapshot or tomorrow's snapshot.

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