Friday, October 17, 2014

Iraq plays out on social media

All Iraq News reports, "The Supreme religious Authority called to assign the qualified figures in the government posts and grant them the required salaries in addition to dismissing the unqualified figures."  There are many government posts empty in Iraq but, as we were noting in yesterday's snapshot, the two highest and most important as a result of the ongoing violence would be the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence.  Despite news outlets publishing rumors that the posts will be voted on Saturday by Parliament, Arabic social media this morning gives a thumbs down to those reports with most posting offering the belief that 2014 will close out with the posts still being empty.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is also being mocked for a statement he's making.  Alsumaria reports he's declared the war in Iraq is 30% on the ground and 70% psychological.  On social media, he's being mocked for the figures, the psychological is often being rendered "70% in the mind" with additional comments to the effect of "it's all in his mind."  But mainly people are noting how his remarks are similar remarks Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq leader Ammar al-Hakim had made yesterday.  (Here for All Iraq News reporting on Hakim's psychological remarks.)

Meanwhile Barack's bombing of Iraq continues.  One plane -- belonging to which country, who knows -- went beyond the usual bombing of civilian homes today.  Iraqi Spring MC reports an Albu-Ajeel Village mosque was bombed and at least 25 people are either dead or injured as a result.

And it's that kind of reality that goes a long way towards explaining why the new prime minister is mocked on social media as well as why the big focus today is on the possible next iPad and not what the Iraqi government supposedly plans to deliver.

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