Sunday, November 02, 2014

Talking entry

1) Kat's 2 music pieces went up:

Why aren't there links for Emmylou Harris and others?

She didn't do them.  She's mentioning them in passing.

2) Why doesn't Linda Ronstadt get a link?

Because Linda is and has been very smart.  She's stayed away from Twitter, Facebook, et al.  Good for Linda.

3) On links to artists, here and at Third, our policy is we don't link to groups that have disbanded or to individual artists who've passed away.  The only exception is, if I'm the one typing, if Laura Nyro is mentioned, I will get a link for her.

4) Why are we so pro-Barack?

I don't know what website you're reading or what drugs you're taking but you really shouldn't drink and surf the net.

5) Why don't we list all the 'reports' where US or Iraqi forces kill this or that group of 'terrorists'?

Because governments tend to lie about their kills, inflating the number, insisting they killed someone significant.

The claims can't be independently verified.

6) If you're opposed to the bombs being dropped on Iraq (we are), then you must support boots on the ground, right?


The issue has always required a political solution.

That's where the focus should be.

Removing the valid grievances the Sunni population has would go a long, long way towards removing any support for the Islamic State.

7) Third's still not up with new pieces?

Ava and I do a TV commentary every week.  We've done it.

Other pieces aren't done.

I have no idea what's going to happen.  My guess is that for the second time since the site began, they'll publish on Monday (probably Monday evening or night).

I do know what I'm doing.

I'm going to bed.

I'm freezing and shivering (and, no, it's not cold here) and I've been throwing up all evening.

I'm sick as a dog.

Enjoy Kat's pieces.

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