Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Look who seizes the diplomatic ground

All Iraq News note Speaker of Parliament Saleem al-Jobouri has arrived in Tehran.  Press TV explains:

Jabouri heads a delegation consisting of two members of the presiding board of the Iraqi parliament as well as a number of senior Iraqi lawmakers.
This is Jabouri’s first visit to Tehran since he assumed the post in July 2014. 

During his visit to Tehran, he will meet Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and a number of other senior Iranian officials.

This is only one of many visits in the last few months by Iraqi officials -- including various vice presidents, the prime minister and the president.

Iran shares a border with Iraq.  They will have diplomatic relations.

But equally true, this is yet another example of the US government being shown up.

Despite US President Barack Obama's insistence that the only answer to the violence and chaos in Iraq is a diplomatic solution, the US government has done a very poor job on that issue -- focusing instead on military actions.

Brett McGurk is a member of the US State Dept.

Brett works at the State Dept, not the Defense Dept.

We have to really stress that because his Tweets may confuse many.

It is confusing when a diplomat repeatedly Tweets about military action while ignoring diplomatic efforts.

In fairness to Brett, if he just Tweeted about diplomatic efforts, he'd only Tweet once a month.

Political solutions are ignored by the White House.

Barack has nothing to say about them.

But let him speak about killing and he comes alive.

Of those remarks, the Jamestown Sun notes:

President Barack Obama used a holiday season visit to a U.S. military base on Monday to issue a tough warning to Islamic State militants, saying a U.S.-led coalition will permit no safe haven to the group and will destroy it eventually.

Yes, what joyous, seasonal tidings from Barack.

Whether it's aimed at Barack or Bully Boy Bush, there's a lot of criticism that one or the other (rarely both get the blame they've earned) pushed Iraq closer to Iran.  Instead of waiting a few years to make such an observation, maybe people could pay attention right now and notice that Iran's forming strong diplomatic ties while the White House is avoiding work on a political solution.

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