Friday, January 23, 2015

Harper hits (and gropes?) below the belt

True or false, I have no idea but a number of Arabic social media sites contain posts and comments that a US service member was killed near Haditha.

Three have already been killed in the latest wave of the never-ending war -- three since Barack started this wave in August.

Canadian forces recently were in combat with the Islamic State in Iraq despite being billed as "advisors" and "trainers."

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, appears to have silenced critics.


By their own stupidity.

Harper declared he was proud of the Canadian troops for returning fire.

The Liberals and New Democrats failed to respond correctly: "No one's questioning the ability or will of Canadian forces.  We're questioning the integrity and the word of prime minister who told us he was not sending forces into harms way."

Barack will probably ape Stephen Harper if it's reported US forces are in combat.

It would be great if members of the US peace movement would be ready for stunts like the one Harper pulled.

It was below the belt and meant to suggest that the Liberals and the New Democrats were shamefully opposed to the Canadian forces defending themselves by returning fire.

Harper is the filth that's floated to the top of Canada for years now.

For all the slams on American voters that some to the north can offer, they've failed (a) to remove conservative Harper as prime minister and (b) to grant asylum to war resisters.

In Falluja, Iraqi Spring MC reports, Thursday's bombings -- by the Iraqi military -- of civilian homes in Falluja left 4 civilians dead and eleven more injured.

These bombings began in January of 2014 under Nouri al-Maliki and continue under Haider al-Abadi.

That's not all the two prime ministers have passed off to one another.

There's also the refusal to address the issues of public sewage and public works projects.

Nouri al-Maliki bilked the government out of millions while he was prime minister and failed to improve the country's infrastructure.  Haider al-Abadi's done nothing since becoming prime minister in August.  This Alsumaria video shows some of the consequences.

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