Monday, March 09, 2015

Everybody wants to play Empire (remember, it's not just a hit show on Fox)

If Glen Campbell wasn't suffering from Alzheimer's, maybe we could get him to update that old song?  So that the tune went something like, "These are the tales of the every day thug who gave up the good life . . ."

See thug Hadi al-Ameri's got it bad and that ain't good, as another song would note.

Alsumaria notes that he's announced he's willing to resign from Parliament to continue heading (secretary-general!) the Badr militia.  He's willing to do that if just isn't allowed to fight full time and remain in Parliament.

That was decided long, long ago.

To be in Parliament, your militia was supposed to have been shut down -- forget being the commander of the militia.

If he were Sunni, he wouldn't have been allowed to run.  If he were Sunni, the law would have been enforced.

Because he was Shi'ite not only was he allowed to run but he can now publicly boast about his position while he's still in Parliament and play the victim.

All Iraq News notes 5 people dare dead and thirty more injured as a result of 3 car bombing in Kirku Province while IANS reports, "Members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group publicly beheaded four young people on charges of homosexuality in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Monday."

Robert Burns (AP) reports that Iraq's Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obedidi, in a Baghdad press conference today that he shared with US Gen and Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, declared his comfort with receiving aid from the Iranian government.

He's not the only one expressing 'comfort' with the arrangement.

مستشار الرئيس الايراني: اصبحنا امبراطورية عاصمتنا بغداد. .
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مستشار الرئيس الايراني: اصبحنا امبراطورية عاصمتنا بغداد. .
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That's Ali Younesi,  adviser to the Iranian president, and Iraqi Spring MC reports his alleged declaration that Iran has become an empire and it's new capital is Baghdad.

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