Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Fixing Veterans Health Care

Disabled American Veterans issued the following last week:

The “Fixing Veterans Health Care” report issued this week proposes sweeping changes to the VA health care system but raises more questions than it provides answers.

We certainly agree that the Department of Veterans Affairs needs to significantly improve how it provides health care to ensure that veterans receive a full continuum of care in a timely and effective manner. However, comprehensive changes must be made judiciously and with veterans always remaining the top priority.

Though still studying the details of the report, we are concerned that it does not address some fundamental questions about how the proposed new system would be funded, governed, and – most critically – how it would be held accountable.

By proposing to change VA into a government sponsored corporation, this proposal could end up replacing one bureaucracy with another; one that might actually be less accountable to veterans, the American people and their elected representatives.

We are also concerned that moving veterans out of VA and into the private market could add additional layers of red tape for veterans trying to access health care through new insurance plans.
On behalf of our 1.2 million members, we are not willing to take a blind leap of faith. Veterans earned and deserve reform proposals that ensure timely, accessible and quality health care, proposals that must start with a comprehensive, long-term funding plan for the VA.

We look forward to working with Congress, the Administration and other veteran service organizations to develop and implement healthy reforms for all of the men and women who served.