Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Look who's calling for 'accountability' now

Maybe Leslie Cagan had it right?

No, not about keeping those chin whiskers.  She should really do something about those.

But about packing it in.

Days after the November 2008 election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, they closed shop.

It revealed that even a Communist like Leslie is really just a partisan tool for the Democratic Party.

But it let her and others slink away and maybe they'll return in the future to trick others?

CodeStink doesn't have that option.

They've been useless throughout Barack's presidency and have embarrassed themselves throughout.

From September 27, 2009, here's Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "New 'Action' from 'We Forgot Iraq'"

New 'Action' from 'We Forgot Iraq'

CodeStink divas Medea I Need Attention Benjamin and Jodie I Gave Myself Like A Nun To Get Money Evans have been one joke after another -- including when they were demanding US troops had to stay in Afghanistan.

Medea published a book on The Drone War (that no one bought) and spent over 16 months writing columns calling out The Drone War.

A drone is a pilotless object.

Apparently The Drone War had no pilot either because as Elaine noted over and over, in column after column, Medea railed against The Drone War without ever naming the person over it: Barack Obama.

It shouldn't have required prodding for Medea to mention who was over The Drone War.

But then people should have known Jodie was a bundler for Barack in 2008.

As she gave marching orders for the group to 'bird dog' Hillary, they should have known Jodie was dancing on her hind quarters for Barack.

CodeStink doesn't call out Barack.

Today, because so many of us have made it a point to note how CodeStink protects Barack, they do these weak ass statements that are nothing like what they used to say (still do) about Bully Boy Bush and Dick Cheney.

Like a dirty whore who's probably already clipped an extra 20 dollar bill or two from the john's wallet, Jodie shows up at Huffington Post pretending she wants to talk about accountability.

No, she just wants to distract from her fellow Barry.

Next time she wants to talk about accountability, she should start by explaining how it was correct to lie to everyone and pretend she wasn't supporting Barack when she was or how it was reputable to 'bird dog' Hillary -- when Barack, once he entered the Senate, had the same voting record as Hillary.

She might want to explain how it's okay for her to hijack a supposed grass-roots organization for her own personal voting choices.

And then she might want to explain how a whore like her thinks she can get away with pretending nothing bad happened in Iraq since January 2009 unless it was Bully Boy Bush's fault.

She might want to explain why CodeStink is silent about the War Crimes against Sunni civilians in Iraq.  Or why they were silent when Nouri al-Maliki was attacking Iraq's LGBTQ community.

But this is the woman who can't get honest about anything.

And she has the gall to pretend she has some high ground to step to and call for accountability?

Poor Jodie.  She may have married money but she's still the smelly little aid to Jerry Brown that everyone always made fun of (biggest question was how did she not notice how badly she smelled) and laughed as she threw herself at Jerry who pretended to be distracted in an attempt to ignore and sidestep her constant flirting.

Her attacks on him in recent years are thought to stem from the rejection she suffered all those decades ago.

As to why she continues to stink, no one can figure that out but the general feeling is that she puts the stink in CodeStink.

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