Thursday, April 09, 2015

Biden prepares to speak, Ashraf supporters badly misspeak and a lot of silence around trouble

The US government certainly knows how to promote something when it wants to.  For example, today's speech.

  • That they'll promote.

    But other things they won't.

    Like Anbar.  Yesterday.  It's right there in the open if you read Arabic and its deeply disturbing.

    But we'll wait a few more hours and see if the American press picks up on it.  Or even the western press.  We'll note it in the snapshot.

    A lot of people filed on Anbar yesterday.

    Interestingly, no one wanted to include a troubling -- and telling -- development.

    Words matter.

    And if you doubt it, look no further than this:

    Families of residents in hold a rally @ the Embassy of 2condemn illegal detention of Safar Zakeri

    Why do we call them the "Ashraf community"?

    We explained that a long damn time ago.

    They lived at Camp Ashraf.

    That's how the world knows them.

    Camp Liberty?

    Part of the reason doesn't get traction is who's going to do the backstory?

    Another is: Who had time to learn about another beleaguered group in Iraq?

    Do you realize how little attention there is to Iraq in the US?

    And now you want to try to tell them Camp Liberty or Camp Hurriya or Camp somebody is in trouble?

    They are the Ashraf community, that is how they are known internationally.

    No one would raise an eyebrow at the news that Cheryl Russell was attending a ComicCon event.  Cheryl Stoppelmoor?  Some would care.  Say Cherie Moor and die hard Josie and the Pussycat fans would take notice.

    But if you told them Cheryl Ladd was going to be there, you'd find some real interest.

    Actress and singer Cheryl Ladd was born Cheryl Stoppelmoor.  She became famous in 1977 when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels.  At that time, she was married to David Ladd.  And known as Cheryl Ladd.

    She and Ladd divorced in 1980.

    She's been married to Brian Rusell since 1981.  (Brenda Russell's ex-husband.)

    Cheryl Ladd is how the world knows her.  Doesn't matter that 35 years ago she and David Ladd divorced.

    By the same token, the Ashraf community is known for Camp Ashraf.

    And you use that to get attention to them.

    And noting them as the Ashraf community also brings home the point that they aren't there anymore.

    Where are they?

    Many are stranded at Camp Liberty.

    Which, you may remember, was supposed to be a temporary location.

    Words do matter.

    And some upsetting ones were uttered by a leader in Iraq yesterday.

    We'll see if they're still being ignored tonight when we do the snapshot.

    If they are, we may lead with it.

    If they are, they'll most likely make Joe's speech today, regardless of what he says, a joke.

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